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The following sample essay on Sherlock Homeless Conan Doyle did not really write about children at those ages, because he looked at it as a person from the upper class, which indeed he was. In the stories such as “the sign of four” and “back street irregulars” children are shown homeless and poor and would do anything to get money, yet they were written for the readers to laugh upon, due to the fact that it would be a comedy scene, therefore when children respect and obey the character Sherlock Holmes, this builds his character even more.

But authors such as Charles dickens, who were from lower classes, wrote about children’s pain at work, their lifestyles and how the conditions were for the poor. His famous piece is “Oliver Twist”, it is about a young boy who starts to work at very young age and life concerns and conditions are well explained in that story.

Through reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s biographies and comparing it to the stories of Sherlock Holmes we realize that the story is based on true real life characters.

Such as the fact that Conan Doyle was a doctor in the army of the Afghan war and Dr Watson was in the army of the Afghan war as well. Conan Doyle always looked up to his medicine professor Dr Joseph Bell, whom he said was a “great man of science” and his “deductions are inarguable”.

Therefore this puts Sherlock Holmes right in place for Dr Joseph Bell, and on the other hand we have Dr Watson being the narrative of the story “I thought” “I did” “he looked” “he walked” using these quotations from the stories tells us that he was expressing himself through Dr Watson, he always refers to Sherlock Holmes as a thinking man “his head was tilted backwards thinking of upcoming events while we were on the way to the ladies’ house”.

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Holmes teaches Watson detective work and deductions just like how Bell would teach Doyle and Doyle would always look up to him.

A very important factor which the society really influenced him and he influenced the society was the publishing of his writing “study in scarlet” in 1888 December in a Christmas annual magazine. But then he carried on his stories in “lippincott’s monthly magazine” in 1890 with the story of “the sign of four” as it says in the introduction of the book. Later on he officially let his writings publish in the monthly magazine of “the strand” in January 1891 with “scandal in bohemia” he earned very good money out of his writings (approximately 27 pounds a month) therefore this encouraged him to write more, and influenced him in his writings.

Probably read by the most of the population or the people of the British Isles, due to many reasons such as the fact that it’s published in magazines therefore many people could afford to read it. Another reason why lots of people read this was that in those ages there were basically no other entertainment other than theatres, which not all could afford that. Remember that it was the gas lamp era and no electricity, or if there was electricity it was not widely used, therefore there were no TV’s or such.

So we get the point that we realize the society immensely loved and followed these stories. We can also see that by the fact that when Sir Arthur Conan Doyle stopped writing in 1893 with the story of “the final problem” it made “young men and women appeared in the streets in respectively, black armbands and veils. They were in the mourning, for the collapse of a dawn of justice and reasons in a rising tide of in competition and evil”. This extract was taken from the introduction of the book explaining the information held to this story. Therefore after last story “scandal in bohemia” pressure built up so much on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle until he had to re establish his character in 1901, with the story of “Empty House”.

This shows how the society affected him and made him write the stories again after 8 years, this later on affected writers in the same genre such as Agatha Christie who wrote about Hercule Poirot and Hastings and Colin Dexter who wrote about Inspector Mores and Sergeant Lewis which both stories were detective stories and had a lot of structures relevant to the stories of Sherlock Holmes. Yet after 100 years past from these events we still read the books and you and I still talk about it and its consequences.

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