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John Proctor Died Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Abigail Williams

This sample essay on John Proctor Died offers an extensive list of facts and arguments related to it. The essay’s introduction, body paragraphs, and the conclusion are provided below.

Mary is brought before the judges and so are the other girls. The judge puts in Mary’s mind that satan has got hold of her or all the girls are positively lying. Abigail is also questioned by the judge and lies, the judge cannot understand why Abigail would want Proctor’s wife dead. Mary is put through tests by the judges even being asked to faint on command which she finds impossible to do, she is goaded by Parriss who knows his reputation is totally at stake. Abigail knowing that she could be found out as being a deceitful liar storms up to the judge and questions him as to whether he believes them.

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Abigail then starts to shake and pretend that Mary is afflicting her. John Proctor by this time has seen enough and admits to making love to Abigail and calls her a whore. The judge asks Abigail if Proctor is telling the truth but Abigail denies without saying anything. Good Wife Proctor is called for by the judge ‘to touch the bottom of this swamp’ but Goody Proctor has to admit that she threw Abigail out for harlotry. Both John and Abigail had to turn their backs away from Goody Proctor and we have to remember that John had told the court that his wife never lies.

Why Was Proctor Killed

The judge asks Goody Proctor about the dismissal of Abigail Williams and she tells the judge ‘she dissatisfied me and my husband’. Goody being a good Christian didn’t wish to tell the court that her husband had been adulterous and when asked by the judge if her husband was an adulterer she replied ‘no. ‘ This was the first lie Goody Proctor had told in the whole of her life. Goody Proctor then learns the terrible truth that John has told the court about his liaison with Abigail and she looks on in dismay not believing that she has done this to her husband.

Hale actually believes Proctor is telling the truth, I feel that Hale realizes at this point that Goody Proctor was lying for the first time because when Hale went to Proctor’s house and asked John Proctor to repeat his Commandments he missed out adultery and now realizes that he must have blocked the adultery with Abigail out of his mind. Now Abigail knows that she has got away with her lies and deceit and at t this point Abigail starts screaming to divert the court’s attention saying Mary has the Devil in her The girls repeat everything Mary is saying, pretending she is making them do this.

At this point Mary sees that if she doesn’t save herself nobody else can and she turns and says the Devil came to her and told her to give her name to stop his wife from hanging. Mary has now condemned John Proctor. Hale tries to intervene but is cut down by the judge. John Proctor says the judge is ‘pulling heaven down and raising up a whore’ he then screams ‘God is Dead. ‘ Abigail seeing that Hale could be a problem for her goes to the judge telling him that Hale’s wife is a witch but the judge tells her ‘you are mistaken child, understand me’ this is a warning shot to Abigail that she is going too far.

John Proctor is sent to jail and his visitor is Abigail Williams who wants to have him set free and go away with her on a ship. She realizes that all her plans have been thwarted and she never dreamed John would end up in jail. Abigail says that the jailer on her word will set him free and they can board a ship for Barbados together. John Proctor replies to her offer with the words ‘it is not on a ship we will meet again Abi but in hell. ‘ The perpetrator of all the things that happen in Salem leaves, Abigail Williams with stolen money disappears.

Reverend Parriss now sees that something must be done to save the lives of John, Rebecca Nurse and Martha Corey. The judge says that if Proctor confesses to being a witch then there will be an end to the deaths. Hale goes to Goody Proctor to inform her that her husband is marked to die and that John must just tell a lie to stop the hanging and begs Goody to get John to lie. Goody knows her husband will not lie to save his soul and promises nothing but asks to speak with her husband alone. They talk of their baby not yet born and their boys.

John knows he is about to die but says he is thinking to confess just to be done with the problem. Goody says she will accept whatever he does. John says ‘it is hard to give a lie to dogs’ and that it is only spite that makes him stay silent. Goody replies ‘whatever you will do it’s a good man does it’ she says she has her own sins to deal with. Goody admits to keeping a cold house and asks for his forgiveness. John shouts to the courts ‘I want my life’ The next problem begins when the judges want a signed confession that is to be pasted on the door of the church.

He is asked if he saw Rebecca Nurse and others with the devil, John cannot lie and so he says that he saw no-one with the Devil. Hale pleads with the judge to let Proctor just sign his own confession which Proctor does but then reality strikes him and he argues that he cannot bring his boys up to be good men if this lie is pasted to the church door. He pleads that he has given this court his soul could they not leave him with his name. Proctor tears up the piece of paper with his signature on in and condemns himself to death.

Hale pleads with Goody to change John’s mind and Goody replies ‘he has his goodness now God forbid I take it from him. Three innocent people are sent to be hanged and now we see the village people look on in total silence. This play showed peoples greed, ignorance, arrogance, hatred and all centred around one girl’s unrequited love for a married man. It showed the good people dying whilst the tormentors stood by and gloated. It showed us how the might of the many blows away reality. Mass hysteria of young girls convinced grown men, mature judges that Salem was the Devils playground.

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This sample essay is completed by Harper, a Social Sciences student. She studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. All the content of this paper is just her opinion on John Proctor Died and should not be seen as the way of presenting the arguments.

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