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Reflection Essay On Hero Diary Paper

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Paper type: Reflection , Subject: Other

The old woman suddenly started to shed tears because she noticed that I was going to inform her about his son’s death and I didn’t know what to do so I decided to continue my well prepared speech louder than I was telling it before. But her weeping also got louder and with a higher intensity. I finally decided to stop but I didn’t have enough bravery and confidence with her to get nearer and say that I was very sorry so I got up.

She didn’t even notice I was walking towards the door but when I opened it she stopped crying. I looked towards her and I noticed she was whispering something very softly with her neck bent.

I stayed at the door mat until she said directly to me that she wanted me to stay and tell her about the last time I was with Jack and what he told me about her. I stood quietly besides her and she asked me if all that I had said was true. The problem in my mind started again because I wasn’t brave enough to tell the truth about the cowardly attitude of her son. I gave her Jack’s badge and the uniform he used in war. She smiled directly to me but I felt bad about myself because I knew that telling the truth would affect her feelings a lot.

Example Of A Diary Entry

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I stayed with her just a little longer because my real work was in the front line and when I went out the weather was much colder and sad; just the same as the woman’s feelings. There are a lot of these situations in war daily but this was an exceptional case which I am sure I will remember all my life. I’m so sure because every night in my dreams since that day, I can see the old lady in her living room, in the same couch I was sitting when I went there, crying for her son because she was proud of him, because he died for her and for her country.

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