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6th Grade Language Arts: Literary Elements – Conflict, Tone, Mood, Point of View

a struggle or problem a character must overcome

Internal Conflict
a conflict a character struggles with inside his or her head or body; example: a character who is mad or is suffering with depression (man vs. self)
Internal Conflict

the perspective or attitude that the author adopts with regards to a specific character, place or development.

points of view
who the narrator is and what information he or she provides
points of view

the feeling a reader gets from a story

first person
point of view where the narrator is telling the reader (you) the story; will use the words ‘I’, ‘me’, and ‘we’

second person
point of view where the narrator tells the story/command directly to you; will use ‘you’, and ‘your’ and yours’

third person
point of view where the story is being told by an outside observer (someone who is not in the story). The author uses the pronouns ‘he’, ‘she’, and ‘they’

point of view where a narrator who knows everything about all the characters), a “god like” narrator

types of conflict
internal or external

external conflict
a conflict a character struggles with outside of his or her mind or body; example: a bully or weather causing conflict

external conflict: man vs. nature
character fighting some aspect of nature; example: storm or natural disaster

external conflict: man vs. fate
character fighting with an uncontrollable conflict; example: God, superhero power, etc.

external conflict: man vs. man
one character who causes conflict for another character

external conflict: man vs. society
a group of characters causing conflict for a character

limited objective
point of view where a narrator whose knowledge is limited to one character

point of view where a narrator never reveals anything about what the characters think of feel, remaining a detached observer.


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