Why Does Proctor Go To Court with Mary in Act III?

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Mary continues screaming at John, “No I love God; I go your way no more. I love God, bless God. Abby, Abby I’ll never hurt you more! ” Mary acts as if she had the devil trying to come to her through John Proctor, even though she is innocent she does this to publicly have herself cleared. All doubt would have vanished. Abigail wins Mary back by reaching out to hug her.

Abigail believes that Mary is now showing signs of being one of them again, she has admitted to being unjust and says that she will not hurt Abby or the girls.

The scene ends rather melodramatically. John Proctor has Mary Warren throwing accusations at him, Danforth trying to wind him up, Hale trying to defend John hopelessly and a crowd of people gathering around them all whilst John loses his temper “You are pulling Heaven down and raising up a whore!

” This tells everyone that its John Proctor who is with the devil.

The most gripping part of Act 3 is probably the part when Elizabeth is called into the court to be questioned whether or not John has committed adultery. I think this as Elizabeth is unsure of what to say, does she tell them the truth or doesn’t she? There is quite a lot of tension being built up by Danforth’s inquiries, with his response gradually getting harsh and impatient.

I cant help but feel sorry for John Proctor having lost almost all respect he had due to some foolish, immature girls who cannot own up to what they did wrong.

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The only mistakes John made were having Abigail hired for a housemaid and the lechery. At least he could own up to both. This Act shows the development of the Witchcraft hysteria of Salem and how it has pulled people down with it. It also shows the lies, the treachery and all that was misunderstood.

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