Ford Fiesta Joyride

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The storyline for the Ford Fiesta is a woman who looks young, about twenty to twenty five year old and a around the same aged boyfriend, driving through a town. The couple look like they are on holiday because it is sunny and they are driving alongside a beach. They get stuck in traffic. The woman then quickly drives out of the traffic line and drives down through some narrow streets. At this point the camera gets good close ups of the car.

During the time that she is narrating what seems to be a diary entry. The camera then shows the woman lying down on her bed writing in the diary. The last clip of the advert shows her boyfriend looking puffed out over the drive. During this hot of her boyfriend, she is says “Oh yeah and Jack purposed, Jack who is her boyfriend. She says it in a tone which makes it seem not very important. She is only talking about the car.

Jazzy music is being played in the background while the couple are driving to get the viewer in the holiday mood as well as making the car sound fun and cheerful. The main aspect of the car which is being focused on is that the car is small so it can go down narrowest of roads and can easily handle a busy city street. The message about the car is that the car is more important then marriage which links in with the cars slogan which is “It makes your day”.

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I think this links in with this storyline because the car is small and versatile it got out of the traffic and made a few shortcuts through some narrow lanes. Therefore at the result of that they are engaged.

Ford Fiesta Advert Music

The type of people I feel will buy this car is someone who drives around the town a lot, such as a business man or someone in the delivery trade. I think single or married people who are between twenty and thirty years old and who earn average wage will buy this car. I feel that all three adverts are all effective in there own way. The Ford Fusion is a good example of very effective photography and use of colour. The Ford Mondeo shows that the car is very safe and reliable. It also has a frightening theme to it. The Ford Fiesta is a good example of very effective music, comedy and narration. I find all three adverts very clever and original.

The best method to sell a car I fell is by TV because you can use different mediums such as music, comedy, sound effects, and a disturbing atmosphere. That is why I feel the best advert is the Ford Fiesta because I like comedy in an advert. That is how I would remember it. I think the Ford Fiesta did in a way persuade me to buy the car because how the way the advertisers have filmed the car. Advertising has an important effect on our lives. If we see something on TV, radio or the newspaper and we like either the person selling it or the way it is set up, we will probably that product.

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