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Evaluation of a Personal C.D. Player Paper

To make this a fair test I have used the same make of batteries and two different sets of batteries and to test the life span of the batteries in the Player I am going to see how long they will last in the Player under two different conditions. These conditions are 1.with the 20 second ESP (electronic shock protection) on 2.With the ESP offResults- Time batteries lasted ESP on 3hrs 16.37mins ESP off 5hrs 49.12mins (These times show are when the batteries went totally dead.).

As you can see the results are very clear, when you have the anti-shock on it severely drains the battery life span. Without the ESP on however you get almost twice as much out of the batteries. This is due to the CD player using so much energy and power searching ahead for the music so if the Player does take a knock it uses its memory to keep playing so you don’t miss music. The ESP is not always need and as most people have it on all the time this is terrible and more should be done to try and add to the battery life when the ESP is on. Test 2:Durability For this test I have decided to go for a 30minute jog with my CD player with the ESP function on, to see if it was really as good as it said it was. On my run I kept count of how many times the player jumped if it banged against my leg. Surprisingly I found the number to be quite high- On my 30 minute run my CD player jumped or stopped 17 times.

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Which on average is nearly once every 2 minutes, which is very annoying. In summary the ESP function is very good if it would work but unfortunately on this product it doesn’t Test 3:Performance and quality of sound in changing Functions Function Sound Quality 1.Normal (no functions) excellent 2.ESP excellent- no difference what so ever 3.Bass Boost poor-the bass drowns out everything else 4.Hold on/off also poor-not as loud The Bass boost I feel is a waste of space. When it is on it drowns out the vocals so all you hear is the heavy bass. I didn’t expect it but when I put on the Hold button the loudness decreased quite dramatically which I don’t think I suppose to happen, obviously a major design fault. Which should be fixed.

Evaluation After looking over this product for many hours I have discovered many faults with this product that I did not expect to find. For when I set out I had a good idea in my mind what the main problems where and what I wanted to fix but as I used it more and did experiments on it I discovered more. On the up side it does perfectly the main thing it was made to do and that is t play music and when it does play music the quality is excellent and to the highest standard. It is also built very well and seems to be very solid and not easily breakable.

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