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My retests and evaluation  Paper

I was definitely right when I predicted that this would be a hard session, my arms were quite sore when I left and my whole upper body was generally tired. Towards the end of each set I found I had to really dig deep in order to get that last rep in, but fortunately I was not in a rush and took sufficient rest in between each set, so as to ensure I was recovered enough to be able to complete each set. I can’t say I am too excited about the thought of doing this session twice more, but I believe that it will definitely enhance my muscle mass.

Changes? I think the only adjustment I have to make is to perhaps take more fluid to drink whilst at the gym. I was very thirsty during today’s session due to the intensity of the workout. However I will make no changes to the actual session itself. Workout 10 Plan Today my plan is to do the exact same workout as last time. The same weights, reps and sets as well as ensuring I am keeping well hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Session Today I found it just as tough going as last time. My arms were just as tired as when I left last week and my whole upper body was rather fatigued. I cannot really comment any more on the session as it was identical to last week! Changes? I will not make any adjustments to my final session. Workout 11 Plan Today my plan is to do the same workout as the last two I have done. As it is my last session I would really like to give it everything I have got, so I can finish on a high.

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Session I was feeling incredibly motivated and determined today, and as a result I had a really good workout. I’m not sure whether it was because of the state of mind I was in, but it felt slightly easier than it has done on the past two occasions. This is not to say it was easy, I was really working up a sweat and my body was really tired by the end, but I do think that I was feeling stronger today, which is what I set out to achieve from the start. Today was a good day in the gym, and despite some sore arms, chest and back I am feeling much stronger than I did at the very start of my first session.

My retests and evaluation Upon taking my strength retest (this is the grip strength test) I was somewhat satisfied with the result. Previously I had scored 50, which was described as average. However after all of my working out in the gym, I managed to score 58 on my first test and 61 on my second. Clearly there is an improvement in my strength here, and whilst my arms are not actually that much greater in size, they certainly seem to be stronger!

I am very pleased with the way my P.E.P. has gone. It has been something I am interested in and keen to do right from the start, and my final result is a good reflection of the time and effort that has gone into this. I have learnt a lot about the way muscle building works, and although I chose to mostly work on my own, the assistance and guidance I received from the gym instructors was gratefully received and helped my progress on the machines. I will not be stopping my trips to the gym however. I aim to carry on improving my upper body strength and I have also made many new friends at the gym who I hope to keep in touch with. Clearly I have gained far more from this experience than just an improvement in my strength.

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