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The ghost of Christmas present is the next to visit and shows scrooge bob Cratchits family on Christmas day “And now two smaller Cratchits came in, screaming that outside the backer’s they had smelt goose and known it for there own and basking in luxurious thoughts of sage and onions these young Cratchits danced around the table” this shows that the Cratchit family enjoy being around each other and love one and other. The key words that show this are “these young Cratchits danced around the table.

” this makes the reader feel that the Cratchit family are a loving family and just because there poor doesn’t mean they can’t be happy.

The ghost also shows scrooge two children that have died from starvation. This was meant to shock scrooge and the reader into wishing they had done more to help the poor. The next ghost is the ghost of Christmas yet to come. He shows scrooge his future, if he caries on being mean, the ghost shows him that he will end up with no family and die a old lonely man.

Scrooge is shocked to see that when he’s dead no one cares and the poor steal his things. “”Ha ha” laughed the same woman when old Joe produced a fanal bag with money in it told out there several gains upon the ground.

“This is the end of it you see he frightened everyone away when he was alive to profit us when he was dead! Ha ha ha.

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“” This quote shows that when scrooge is dead people are making money off of scrooge’s possessions this makes scrooge upset and mad, he feels this is unfair. The keywords that show this are “old Joe produced a bag with money”. This makes the reader feel that scrooge deserves it for not giving money to the poor when scrooge was alive. The rich in 1842 would have been scared of this happening to them.

Dickens wanted to shock the reader and make them change there ways because only the rich would have been able to read in 1842. After being visited by the ghost’s scrooge changed his ways for the better, many people after reading dickens book became more thoughtful. In the novel dickens paints a clear picture of what it was like for both rich and poor people in Victorian times. The themes in the novel are still in our society today greed and love. At Christmas people in today’s society are more bothered about presents under the Christmas tree than family.

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A Cristmas Carrol
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