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Review of Theatre Performance Paper

The actors could use the set well and it did not hinder their performance in any way. I was not entirely certain of what period blood brothers began in, I think that it possibly began during the 60s, but Eddie & Mickey’s costumes resembled that of children in war time England, and once they got to the second half of the play the costume was kept so simple that it could’ve been any era.

And yet with Mickey’s big brother Sammy donning a comical ‘status quo’ studded leather jacket during the second half, I got the impression that they must have been living in the early 70s, however I will not dwell to much on this aspect of the costuming as it is my own foolish problem of not having any decent knowledge of the dress sense of certain eras. The costumes that the young Eddie and Mickey wore were actually very helpful in showing what kind of families they were from,.

There was Eddie in a traditional English private schoolboys uniform (grey shorts, blazer and a cap) and Mickey, the child of a lower working class mother, in a pair of dirty shorts and a baggy ripped jumper. So worn infact that he could stretch it over his knees. The actors appeared to look comfortable in their costumes and if they weren’t then they didn’t let it show or hinder their performance in the slightest. I think the costumes did fit the design concept of the set, as Mickey’s mother seemed to fit in to the scene perfectly as a pre 1990s working class mother.

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There were no spectacular lighting effects during blood brothers, but during the brief funfair scene they used coloured lights to reflect the happy and bright night time atmosphere of the fair. And little fairy lights were used to be the lights on cars in the night time background of Liverpool. The stage was well lit and it was not difficult to see any of the action, lighting was used to show a change of location when the families moved to the country, when they were there everything seemed brighter and fresher.

There weren’t a lot of sound effects in blood brothers, but a use of sound effects that I appreciated was when the young Eddie, Mickey and Linda were playing with a toy gun and only Linda could hit the target. When Linda did hit the target that she was pointing for (towards the back of the theatre) a tinny sound would come from behind the audience it was very effective in leading me to believe that she had hit the target.

The woman playing Eddies mother used her body very well to play her character, to begin with she was a very tall pretty looking woman with curly, long, tidy hair and she carried herself very gracefully. Then when she started to become paranoid her hair which was before so pretty and tidy seemed to be greying and was all out of place from the way she had it at the beginning of the show, she also had bags under her eyes as if she had been staying up all night long incase Eddies natural mother might come back to steal him away.


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