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Achievement amongst ethnic groups Paper

The national curriculum is also ethnocentric especially in history and English literature. Factors that argue the statement that schools are to blame for the cause of differences in achievement amongst ethnic groups are material and cultural factors, because Afro-Caribbean have high numbers of one parent families which tend to female headed, this leads to lack of discipline for boys leading to them misbehaving in school.

This also means that the are materially deprived because they don’t have the income of two parents they tend to be working class, which means they may not have time or space to do educational activities like homework due to part-time work or home responsibilities. Haque and Ball (2001) study found that the level of the mother’s education also had an effect on educational attainment. Another factor could be the language barrier because although Afro-Caribbean’s do speak English they have different dialects which would affect their standard of school work and their communication with the teachers.

The last Factor is cultural capital, where the parents would not be able to get their child into the best school as they do not have the characteristics of a middle class white person and that they are not used to the English education system, this would effect the student as they would attend a school that they couldn’t help the black student fulfil their full potential due to bad staff and lack of facilities.

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In conclusion, from looking at all the points made I believe that school is to blame for the differences in ethnic groups attainment although there are good points to go against this, schools are not helping to their full potential which could help ethnic students a great deal as bad attainment is the result of bad communication between student, parent, and teacher and the lack of equality in a classroom.

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