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A chartered building surveyor can work in the commercial, private, and public sectors. Some chartered building surveyors work for property owning clients and contractors. Building surveyors provide professional technical advice on land, property and construction for commercial companies and consultants, central and local government, and private individuals. Surveyors provide a wide range of services including the following: (Kibblewhite and Wilkinson)
• Managing design and construction
• Undertaking building surveys and measured surveys
• Analysing design and building defects

• Preparing strategies for asset management and property maintenance
• Preparing insurance valuations and claims
• Preparing strategic property advice covering land (including easements, licences and covenants etc), and landlord and tenant legislation
• Project management and development monitoring
• Miscellaneous services including accessibility and energy audits, specialist surveys (asbestos, damp etc), conservation advice and sustainability advice.

In early days a tape, a level and a theodolite were the main instruments used in surveying.

Tape was used for distance measurement. Level was used for measuring the height. Theodolite is used for horizontal and vertical angle measurement.

In present days there are many advanced instruments are used in this field. A “total station” is modern equipment which is used in surveying. A theodolite, which contains an electronic distance measurement device, is called total station. It is an electronic device. A computer is used in total station. Some soft wares are also used in total station. There is no need of prism in a total station.

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It is fully robotic. It automatically records the data. There is no need of extra work.

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In present scenario a total station is used with some other surveying instruments. (National Cooperative Highway Research Program 40) Automatic Levels, Compasses Dumpy, Levels, Electronic Distance Meter, Horizon Automatic Levels, Horizon Electronic Distance Meter, Horizon Electronic Theodolite, Horizon Optical Theodolite, Laser Levels,Levelling Staves, and Optical Square are the some other surveying instruments. (Survey Instruments, 1997) Surveying is an exciting career.

It is the mixer of outdoor and indoor work. Surveyors can run their own business or they can be employed by large companies. Job opportunities abound offering good pay and promotional opportunities. Demand of the Surveyors is very high in current position. For example there is very shortage of surveyors in Australia. In future this demand will increase. (Enemark) To become a professional surveyor you must complete a four year undergraduate degree in Surveying. Graduates can start on $50 – 60,000 p. a. depending on where they work and the type of work.

A graduate can work with any private company or run his own business. Hence there are a lot of jobs in this field. (Enemark)

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