The following sample essay on The Changeling tells about reasoned judgement.

He believes he loves her and this over rides any other consideration, despite the advice of his servants that to travel now would be the best option. This reinforces the theme of lust and love causing the characters to make rash decisions. Alsemero declares his love for Beatrice almost immediately, Beatrice response to this is also ironic: “Our eyes are sentinels unto our judgments, and should give certain judgment what they see; But they are rash sometimes, and tell us wonders of common things, which when our judgments find.

They can then check the eyes, and call them blind” Beatrice states that it is important to be weary of decided on first appearances; one should not just trust the eyes but should make a reasoned judgement. However neither Beatrice nor Alsemero do this, again reinforcing the theme of irrational passions and behaviour. Her words are hollow as they are at odds with her actual behaviour which follows what her eyes tell her.

Beatrice later states, after reflecting on Alsemero’s choice of friendship: “Methinks I love now with the eyes of judgment”

Little has changed since their last meeting yet Beatrice believes she is acting rationally. This also brings in the recurring use of the imagery of sight, eyes and blindness to reflect the theme of Appearance vs. Reality and as a metaphor for reason and judgement. Unreasoned emotion is also portrayed through the relationship between Deflores and Beatrice. The contempt and disgust Beatrice-Joanna feels for her father’s servant is somewhat unfounded, as Deflores states: “She knows no cause for’t but a peevish will.

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Although disfigured and only a servant whereas she is daughter of a nobleman, Beatrice has no reason to dislike Deflores. Her irrational hatred, or ‘peevish will’ has no basis and emphasizes the view that Beatrice has little rational control over her emotions and a lack of reason, nor does she understand such emotion. As the scene ends Beatrice drops her glove on the floor, and her father instructs Deflores to pick it up, It is unclear whether this is intended for Alsemero or Deflores, or whether it was accidental.

However it appears purposeful and underlines the idea of Beatrice’s sub conscious feelings manifesting themselves and her inability to control them. Beatrice admits she has overwhelming feelings for Alsemero but that her hatred for Deflores is perhaps even stronger. One may interpret that what she sees as vehement disgust for Deflores is actually underlined by a subconscious sexual attraction to him, one she cannot control. Sexual overtones are prevalent throughout the play, for example in Deflores description of the glove or Alibius use of the ring as imagery for intercourse.

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