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The sample paper on Tesco Livery familiarizes the reader with the topic-related facts, theories, and approaches. Scroll down to read the entire paper.

Logos help the business to attract customer attention, let the people know about the company, allow customers to identify their best company. For example the log off Tesco is recognised around the worlds, because Tesco stores are in almost every part of the world, Tesco uses the same log for all its stores. We all have different likes and dislikes; another individual may dislike the logo, which is liked by one individual.

Uniforms: A uniform is a set of distinguishing, clothing worn to identify the wearer as a member of a particular organisation, school, and bank. Tesco staff wears unique clothing which makes them stand out from the crowd meaning from other business. Packaging: Packaging is a container or wrapper for a consumer product that help a number of object including protection and descriptions of the ingredients.

Packaging is also becoming a useful way of communicating between the business and the customers. Tesco use a number of different packaging as shown below comprise with different colours making it easy for customers to recognise the Tesco product from its competitors.

Tesco Staff Uniform

Packaging can be used to attract customer attention, for example if company packaging is attractive and good, it will help the customer to pick the product as a trusted brand, when the customer is surrounded by the competitor’s products in the market.

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Packaging can also be used successfully to promote sales. Some people may not like the packaging of the business from they is buying the product, in their opinion the packaging may not be good at.

Strapline: A strapline is a phrase or an advertisement slogan used by the company to draw attention to the product or to inform the customer we are providing the product or service you are after. The reason for using strapline is that the slogan or the “word” will be associated with the particular business. Every time when the Tesco advertise on the TV, Radio they use different strapline to get people attention for example food advert “Every Little Helps”.

This slogan basically says to its customers even if you have little money on you can shop in Tesco. Tesco starpline have helped them to attract more customers; I can explain this by giving one example like when customer do not have enough money on them, they still can go and buy the products in Tesco. Although Tesco products are cheap compared to its competitors but Tesco products are of good quality.

Livery: A livery is a corporate colours scheme used by business on all their delivery vehicles, packaging and promotions. Usually every business has its own livery corporate colours (livery) so that the business can be stand out from other business. Tesco colour scheme is mostly red and blue. The reason why Tesco always use the combination of red and blue, to show this vehicle or particular branch belong to Tesco. This is another way of corporate communication. Almost every one knows the Livery of Tesco, because all of their vehicles use Livery. Some livery may not be eye catching to grab customer attention.

Livery of Tesco:

Few companies will relate their business with a famous celiberity or presentationalty to get a message across. It is a fact that people are likely to buy products more if the famous celebrity is using the same product in the advert or in the life. For example the Gillet razor, company used David Backhem, famous football player, to prmote their product. However the celebrity has to be chosen carefully so that the advert can put the message across before the advert is disliked by the public. After all the public is the main people who will be using the products or services. Some people may not like the celebrity who is doing the advert for partiular product for that reason customer may not buy the product. Tesco has used Dotty Turnbull, she helped Tesco become Britain’s biggest supermarket chain in 2006.

This logo is about the recruitment opportunities in Tesco. Tesco is the store, which is giving the chance to everyone to work for a Tesco, regardless of an individual religion, ethnicity background, or any thing else, which prevents any one to get a job. Tesco is providing the chance to everyone to work for a Tesco.

Sponsorship: Through research on Tesco I came to know that Tesco also sponsors large companies to make other organisations aware of the business. They can create a positive image by doing this. It is important to keep this in mind that in order for sponsorship to be effective; it should be at the same level as Tesco.

After reading on bbc.co.uk / business, I found out that Tesco and British cycling both came together to sponsor the cycling club. Tesco and British cycling club sponsor one of the largest cycling clubs, which allows Tesco and British cycling to get involved with many people from all backgrounds and communities. This sponsorship is part of Tescos ongoing commitment to help the children of UK to get healthier and fit. Such a sponsorship allows Tesco to be publicised in a positive manner.

On-line activity:

All big organisations like Tesco have their website because having website allow the customers to see all the products and services business is providing. Tesco website is

www.tesco.com, by going on to this website customer will be able to see all kind of products, services, and special offers Tesco is providing in particular period without leaving their house. The main advantage of having website is that it can be accessed at any time form any part of the world.

Most of the businesses also use their websites to promote their business such as by giving discount, or vouchers. Tesco has online shopping facility, which makes the life of some customers very easy due to their busy working life. This saves customer’s time. Tesco also have introduced club card point, which makes customers to shop more, the benefit of using card is that more times the customer shop with Tesco, the more points they are likely to collect on their card.

Public Relations: Tesco use recycling as to get the all the public together, this will also improve the image of Tesco. Tesco recycling which helps the environment and also it helps the Tesco to create positive image. Tesco is devoted to reduce the amount of waste produced and to help to recycle it wherever possible. Tesco recently introduced a program for their customer to recycle polythene paper and other consumable items used by Tesco, contains a proportion of recycled materials. This will also helps the customers to earn points on their club card. This will also draw the customer attention to Tesco.

Vocabulary: Tesco uses different kinds of friendly vocabulary that will improve the image of Tesco. Tesco uses friendly and quickly understandable vocabulary in promotion. The reason behind this is to ensure that customers understand what Tesco is saying immediately and at the same time eye catching. Tesco always use the words “Every Little Helps”. The reason for using these words is that Tesco want to distinguish from its competitors.

Businesses using special words when they promote the products will also helps the customer to know this product or service this business is providing. For example Sainsbury always use the words on their adverts “Try something new today”. This is to help customers know what Sainsbury’s is providing. Tescos choice of words will get the customers attention when they use the friendly vocabulary in the promotion. This is because they need to attract potential customers. The more people know about the vocabulary of the business, the better it is for the business.

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Tesco Livery Sample Paper Overview
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