Telephone calls are used for verbal discussion within businesses. They can be used when contacting both people outside of the premises and even people within the same premises. An employee within a business may use a telephone call to contact a customer in order to gain their immediate response. Video conferencing is a meeting which takes place in two different locations but the conversation takes place through a computer screen. Both sides of the conversation can see as well as hear each other.

A business may use video conferencing if they have another branch of the business in another country as people at the business abroad would be able to be involved in a meeting taking place. Telephone calls are suitable for gaining an immediate response as it is always possible to know whether the message was received or not. If another communication method was used to deliver the same message such as SMS messaging or email you would never be sure that the message has been received until a reply has been received.

However with a telephone call as you speak to the person themselves you have the assurance that the message has been received. This communication method is suitable as a business cannot afford nor have the time to always travel for meetings. A video conference allows the meeting to take place over a computer screen or allows other people elsewhere to have an insight into a meeting taking place. It is suitable for businesses which have several branches as they would no longer have to travel to each other for meetings.

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Computers and the internet help many businesses as they provide the communication method of email and instant messaging. The internet also gives a business access to the worldwide web which may be useful to a business when advertising their company (communicating with customers) as well as being able to research whatever information may be needed for their job. This communication has helped boost sales in businesses and strengthened the relationships with existing and potential customers. Touch screen allow people to touch certain areas of a screen to interact with the machine or make the machine do something.

Touch screens are a replacement for a keyboard or a mouse. Businesses that sell products to customers use tills that have touch screens. Touch Screens are a suitable method of communication for businesses that use tills with a touch screen as they make it much easier and quicker to make transactions with a touch screen. They are easy to use as they simply require a touch of the screen rather than pressing any controls or typing. They are also suitable as they do not require as much space as there is no keyboard or mouse needed on the desk as they touch screen controls all of this.

DVD shows all the content that was shown on VHS tape but on a disk. The sound quality and picture is however much better. A business can use DVD’s when training their staff as training guidance may be put onto DVD where staff can watch these DVD’s as many times as needed. DVD’s are suitable in businesses for training staff as the quality of the DVD itself would be to a high standard. DVD’s would also be suitable as they not require much storage space as they are slim disks. DVD’s can also be used by businesses to store and read information if they have a DVD drive within their computer software.

They are suitable for storing information as they have a high capacity of storage for data so large amounts of information can be stored on a DVD disk. Mobile phones enable verbal communication and SMS messaging from whether the person chooses to take their mobile phone with them. Mobile phones can be used within a business in communicating with staff when they are not currently at work. Staff can also use mobile phones to contact their place of work if they are running late to work. Mobile Phones are a suitable method of communication as they can be taken with people wherever they go.

This means that they are always able to gain contact with whoever they need and can also be reached wherever they are. It is suitable for staff to use mobile phones when they are running late to work as they can phone into their place of work to let them know. As they will have their mobile phone with them this will be possible Portable Communication Devices (mobile phones and PDA’s) have WAP which enables people to surf the internet, view their emails and use the internet in the ways it is used at an actual computer.

WAP can be used by businesses as staff can email and will receive their emails even when they are not at a computer screen. Similarly to the suitability for mobile phones WAP is suitable as it has good portability and can be used in many locations. However mobile phones would not be able to gain access to the internet without WAP. WAP is suitable for use within businesses as it enables employees to access their emails wherever they are so that they do not have to wait until they are next at work or somewhere with internet access.

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