Effects of Divorce on Children

Effects of divorce on children
Divorce is one of the shocking events that can happen to a family and brings a series of changes with it. According to researches, today, one of every two marriages result in divorce and The half of marriages end in the first 7 years. These data indicate that divorce is a very serious social issue. Moreover, it is known that children of divorced families experience more problems than other children. They may face 3 serious effects of divorse; to be lonely, to be unsuccessful at school or in life and to turn to abnormal activities.

the most intense emotion felt by children of divorced parents is, feeling loneliness and therefore feeling unhappy. Children feel strong, safe and confident when their parents are near them. However, as a result of divorse they have to separate from one parent so they can not see other parent much. Also single parent must work and can not devote enough time for children.

for example, children can not find anyone at home when they came from school or when they have some problems and need to talk.
The other effect of divorce is being unsuccessful at school. Problems experienced by the children in their private life leads to inability to pay attention to lessons so school grades begin to fall and children can lose their interests in school. They can start to fight with their friends at school because during they try to cope with the psychological and emotional dissolution, they can have difficulties to controll their anger sometimes.

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If children do not adapt to their new life order, school failure and bad behaviers such as fighting can result in leaving school and having difficulties in finding good jobs in the future.
The last important effect of divorce is turning to abnormal activities like using alchol and substance. especially in adolescence, Young people can get bad friends and bad habits but their families try to protect them as much as possible. Parents do not leave them alone and help them to deal with their problems. On the other hand, children of divorced parents do not have such parental support consequently, they can not solve their problems alone and can develop their own methods to deal with problems. Due to It is difficult for this young people to defend themselves without parents, they become vulnerable. For example, some teens whose parents divorced, can choose running away from problems and can try to join different goups. This can cause being forced to do the same what theyre doing in the group. The group can disobey laws and commit crime or can use alchol and drugs so teens have to do these, too.
In conclusion, Divorce means that a destruction of family and an establishment of a new life order instead. Because of this period may be an important cause of trauma for the child, parents sholud be careful to get through this with at least loss.


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