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British Airways Essay Paper

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British Airways has become the world’s second largest airline carrying more than 28 million passengers from one country to another. Main aim of British Airways is to provide outstanding service to its customers at an affordable price. Despite tough competition from other airlines such as Virgin Atlantic Airways, United Airlines and other European airlines, British Airways still holds the major market share.

Essay Example on Introduction of British Airways

BA maximise on their work force by ensuring they employ the highest skilled staff for the particular job, some times they will only employ staff who are well educated. British Airways are currently struggling with staff shortages as the level of absenteeism for the company’s employees are high above the average and acceptable figures for the industry. Employees are said to be unmotivated and morale is low as increase in pay is low and the restructuring of the company have led to 13000 job losses.

Gate Gourmet is a world leading airline catering company. Gate Gourmet provides its service around the globe. They produce: 624’000 meals per day or 228 million meals per year on average. I will use a couple of headings, which were given on the task sheet, to describe the features of employer and employee relations in this British airways selected case. Manger In flight caters Establishing employee relations Contracts of employment – Gate gourmet employees are usually on a temporary or a part-time contract.

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Temporary contract workers are entitled to 15 days holiday including bank holidays and Boxing Day, each year from their employer. Paying more than the law at British airways it builds up loyalty. Gate Gourmet workers are paid over the minimum wage. Most gate gourmet employees work for the BA in flight caters. A BA Part-time worker has generally a lower absence than full-time workers, and is less likely to be members of the union, and is very good for the employer. Breaks are given to in flight caters at British airways.

Example on an airplane they would stop at an airport half way, if the flight is not a one way flight. Payment by result – payment according to performance: a system of payment in which the salary paid depends on how well a BA employee does a job. Bonus earnings depend on measured qualities or values of output for individuals or groups of BA employees, usually based on work studied time units; this covers a wide range of bonus schemes which still form the main method of performance pay for BA in flight workers.

Contribution that employees make to British airways is a key issue for the employer. BA has devised pay methods that link individual or team performance to a pay system that rewards this. Alternatively, pay has been used to recognise such factors as individual development, responsibility, risk-taking and loyalty or experience. To get reward BA workers need to have the knowledge skills and attitude that a person needs to carry out his or her job effectively.

When used in a pay system, they provide a basis for individual assessment to reward individuals who can positively contribute to the overall values and objectives of BA. BA workers are also related to their performance pay schemes, which cover a wide variety of methods of linking pay to a measure of individual or a group of in flight caters. They all share the idea that where a worker can vary output according to effort and this can be clearly related to earnings, the prospect of increased pay will lead to greater performance.

British Airways Essay

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