Maslow Was Mainly Concerned With Explaining How

Abraham Maslow- Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Maslow’s theory mainly revolved around psychology and stated that, “As humans meet ‘basic needs’, they seek to satisfy successively ‘higher needs’ that occupy a set hierarchy.” This is Maslow’s hierarchy of needs: Maslow believes that when the first stage is completely fulfilled only then will an employee be motivated enough to step up to the next level and complete it. For example only when an employee has basic needs such as food drink and sleep will they then be able to progress onto their safety needs such as security, limits and protection.

In terms of Burger King Maslow’s theory wouldn’t largely affect them. However for all people to work well certain needs need to be fulfilled such as sleep, food and drink. For Burger King Employees I believe that they only really need to concentrate on the first two stages as many employees do not stay long and are only there for the short term.

Burger King does provide good hygiene conditions and security. Belonging and Love needs aren’t really met as although they work in teams Burger King do not provide team building activities such as weekends or any social events.

Winslow Hierarchy Of Needs

This theory mainly addresses the needs of employees. Frederick Winslow Taylo Taylor’s primary idea was that workers are mainly motivated by pay. Therefore his theory was that if you break down production into a set of small tasks and only pay for the amount of product each employee produces, this would motivate staff and increase productivity.

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At the beginning this seemed like a good idea as productivity increased and workers were only paid for how hard they worked. They began to build specialised skill for the specific area and businesses were more efficient as less staff were needed. However, employees soon became to dislike Taylor’s approach to motivation as they were given boring, repetitive tasks and were being treated no better than human machines.

Certain aspects of this theory do apply to Burger King. Burger King pays their employees hourly, not piece rate, and has set areas in which people work- these can either be tills or kitchen staff. This provides competition between the two areas which can build motivation as to which area can work the best. However Burger King wouldn’t realistically be able to pay employees on their productivity as each area has different tasks, some of which can’t be measured, such as working on the tills.

This theory addresses mainly the performance of employees. Frederick Herzberg Herzberg believed in a two-factor theory of motivation. Job Enlargement- Workers would be given a greater range of tasks to perform (not essentially more challenging) which should make the work more interesting. Job Enrichment- Involvement of workers being given a wider variety of more intricate, interesting and demanding tasks surrounding a complete unit of work. This should then give a greater sense of achievement.

Herzberg used a survey to investigate what people liked and disliked about their jobs and with these results he put them into two categories; motivators and Hygiene Factors. His two factor theorem is shown below: Working Conditions For Burger King they need to ensure that all hygiene factors are covered so that workers feel safe and happy to be working in a clean environment. For example clean work surfaces and floors. Burger King does already achieve highly good hygiene factors however they’re not providing the best motivation. With this they don’t have any achievement within their working days and simply work for pay. This lacks fun and could mean that employees would work better if they had something to look forward to.

This theory addresses both the needs and performance of employees. In this section I am going to explain how PEST affects the recruitment process in Burger King. From identification of a role to managing change inside the company PEST influences how Burger King plans and responds to these influences as it effects the entire recruitment cycle. Pest analysis is concerned with the environmental influences on a business.

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