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I.T. System to Track Share Prices Paper

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My dad has asked me to create an Excel Spreadsheet, which will track his share prices, as currently the quotes are only being recorded on paper, making it extremely difficult to plot graphs etc and manage it efficiently. However hopefully I will overcome this problem and allow easy automatic calculations through MS Excel. Also my user is not certain when to sell and buy shares so I will make an automated process in which my spreadsheet will decide when to take action by informing the user.Hyperlinks will be used to take the user to news on shares etc, to help make decisions on whether to buy and sell.

A yearly graph on the company’s shares will be present with the visual basic program, which will be updated automatically. My user is new to MS Excel, so I will need to make it as automatic as possible.I am going to use Microsoft Excel for a number of reasons, as this package has many functions.As my user is new to Excel I will need to make use of Command buttons. Below I have illustrated some other important functions in MS Excel. Cells can easily be identified. Formulas can easily be entered. As shown above, calculations can be easily done in Excel, making it user friendly. Finally to make my spreadsheet more attractive I can use the below simple tools. MS Word Art Drawing Tools & Shapes ClipArt’s Shadow and 3d style Free rotate Basic drawing shapes Fill ColourWhat other packages can also do the job? Software Name Advantages Disadvantages MS Excel Simple user interface with many facilities.

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If data in one cell is changed accidentally all results may be altered.

MS Access This software is a relational database and is not a spreadsheet so cannot be compared. Lotus 123 Simple user interface with many facilities. In some ways better than Excel. Same as excel. Claris Works Spreadsheet Simple to use with common basic functions. Not a familiar interface and lacks the power of macros etc. MS Works SpreadsheetSimilar to MS Office software as MS Works suite provides a Word Processor and a database. Not enough advanced features. Star Office Spreadsheet Software suite is free. Also has a word processor. Extremely basic, lacks to many key features, which Excel contains. From the above table I can see that MS Excel and Lotus 123 are best suited to my task, as they have a simple layout with great advanced features, including macros, which other packages fail to provide.

Both packages seem extremely versatile and powerful.

MS Excel has a great help facility also.

VBA code and forms can be created in Microsoft Excel, making it very unique.I will use MS Excel to create the spreadsheet, as I am most familiar with it and also currently the user has a tight budget and is not willing to invest any more money. With excel I will also be able to edit any macro visual basic code, as this will be required later on in the project. What am I personally hoping to achieve? I am aiming to expand my Excel knowledge and VBA knowledge and create a 90 % automated system, in which my user just has to click a button.Analysis My approach to the task: As currently the share prices and quotes are only being extracted from one site, which is www.netscape.com, I have decided that my user will be requiring other resources and sites for the latest news and decisions.

Also the user is uncertain which data and text applies to which company so by adding comments to cells I will hopefully resolve the issue.

My users data is also extremely unorganised, as weekly he receives his share prices and quotes through the mail and how much profit etc he is making. My worksheet however will hopefully make the mail prices obsolete, as the calculations will be done through Excel more regularly. So in this project I will be creating the following.Worksheets – Different aspects of the shares will be put on multiple worksheets, which will all be linked to one another. Quotes – Will be taken from visual basic program. News – Will be taken from real player and CNBC channel through a TV Card and also other various sites. Graphs – Quotes will be plotted automatically as data is entered. Hyperlinks – Take my user to my VB program and relevant sites or cells. This information will consists of the following Data Structure’s – Type Of Data Structure

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