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3 Idiots is a Bollywood movie that released worldwide on 25th December 2009. It was produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra and directed by Rajkumar Hirani. The movie has three histrions playing the lead functions. hence the movie is named 3 Idiots. The three lead histrions are: Aamir Khan. Sharman Joshi and R Madhavan. These three are the superb pupils of their several high schools. While Boman Irani portrays the function of the college manager of the college which these three pupils join after graduating from their high schools.

Besides. there is a little function played by Kareena Kapoor. She is the taking lady of the movie and plays the function of the director’s girl.

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The movie displays the importance of acquisition and instruction in our lives. The movie trades with the instruction system in India and how the pupils are unable to get by up to the force per unit area because of the inordinate sums of tests and assignments.

3 Idiots is a narrative of three bright pupils who have acquired a GPA of 10. 00 ( on a graduated table of 10. 00 ) in their high schools. They enter the most esteemed college for technology in India: The Imperial College of Engineering. Rancho is a character played by Aamir Khan. He loves machines and that is the ground he wants to prosecute mechanical technology. Raju. the character played by Sharman Joshi doesn’t unrecorded life to the fullest. He is scared of the assignments and tests. He wants to work really difficult and acquire a good occupation as he comes from a hapless household and he is the merely 1 to back up his household.

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Farhan is the name of the character played by R Madhavan. Farhan wants to be a wildlife lensman but he joins the college of technology because his male parent wants him to be a mechanical technology as he has really good classs in his school. While Viru Sahastrabuddhe is the manager of the college which is played by Boman Irani. Viru is a really rigorous professor and maintains his force per unit area upon his pupils. There is an incident in the movie which shows that a pupil commits suicide because he doesn’t supply sufficient clip to him for finishing the undertaking.

The pupils are unable to take such force per unit area and they believe that it’s clip for them to stop their life. This is a true state of affairs and such force per unit area exists in most of the colleges in India. Rancho loves technology so he doesn’t have jobs with the tests and assignments. While Raju and Farhan are unable to acquire good classs as they feel the force per unit area of the instruction system. Rancho asks Farhan to alter his field of survey from technology to wildlife picture taking as Farhan ever wanted to go a wildlife lensman. He advises Raju to set away his fright and it would assist him to win in his test. In the 3rd twelvemonth of technology recruiters hire pupils. Viru says that Raju and Farhan would merely be able to acquire the occupations merely when they pass with good classs in the concluding test. To intentionally neglect them he sets the paper himself. increasing the trouble degree. Viru’s girl Pia comes to cognize about this. so she informs Rancho. Rancho tries to steal the paper and is caught by the manager.

He decided to rusticate all the three for their act. Pia informs his male parent about the existent ground that took her brother’s life. Viru thought that his boy had died in a auto accident but subsequently he comes to cognize that he committed suicide as he didn’t want to prosecute technology. He was forced by his male parent to go an applied scientist while he wanted to analyze literature. This is the ground why he committed self-destruction. Knowing this truth he decides non to rusticate the three pupils. This movie is based on a novel by Chetan Bhagat titled Five Point Someone- What Not To Make At IIT. Bhagat’s novel besides involves the same three lead characters but with different names. The rubric of the fresh “Five Point Someone” is based on the five point graduated table which is used to cipher the GPA at the Indian Institute of Technology. Chetan Bhagat is being regarded as the ‘biggest selling English writer in India’s history’ ( Chandrakar ) . Chetan Bhagat feels really proud that his book and his message have received a wider audience because of the movie. Peoples presents are less likely to read a book. So. the message of the writer is spread throughout the universe where the movie would be released. Chetan Bhagat is a outstanding Indian author who has written several other bestselling novels such as 2 States. One Night at a Call Center and 3 Mistakes of My Life.

All of these are being made into different films. The movie 3 Idiots finely portrays the instruction system of India by demoing precisely what happens with the pupils of a peculiar technology college. Students have to get by up with high sums of force per unit area to go through the test. Committing self-destruction is non a solution to the job. but contending against the system to better it can work out the job to a certain extent. This movie shows that Rancho argues with the manager to do him understand that the manner of instruction is wrong and he blames the system for this. During an academic twelvemonth pupils have several tests to take which involves huge course of studies and besides undertakings need to be completed within a short span of clip. The movie besides motivates people to analyze what they like and non what their parents would inquire them to. The manager of the movie makes an attempt to expose the critical status of the instruction system of India in the signifier of a superb film which is entertaining and besides sends an of import message out to the viewing audiences.

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