Unpredictable Situations

Customer service within a business will have to be trained to deal with predictable and unpredictable situations. An example of a predictable situation is that if you are horrible to a customer then they will come back to the business to complain. This is a predictable situation because you know that it is going to happen but they usually happen quit regularly. An example of an unpredictable situation is if there was a fire or if your credit card doesn’t work.

These are unpredictable situations because you don’t know when it is going to happen. Staff would have to be trained for these issues so they can deal with them properly.

Essay Example on Predictable and unpredictable situations

Staff within the customer service of a business will have to know about all the different types of products and have knowledge on them because if there was a customer who wanted to know something they would have to have the knowledge about the products to answer.

Some examples that customers might ask is where something is, how much it is or do you sell something. By the staff knowing knowledge about there business they will be able to be more helpful to there customers. Information at different levels of understanding When the business has information they need to know they have to have knowledge of it. They need to know it at different levels because people have different levels of understanding. Are people that speak different languages, people with learning difficulties and well-educated people? If they have a good knowledge then they will be able to help the customers as much as they want.

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Different people may or may not know what they want so you have to be aware of this when you are dealing with them.

The business has to train their staff to deal with different issues e.g. sensitive issues. Another thing they have to be trained in is what is said or written. Some examples or both of these are people with different religions, people with different believes disabled people and if something is said about another member of staff, which gets back to them. When customers have to be referred to some one else In some cases customers will have to be referred to some one else, some of these situations are when a customer has a complaint which may have to be taken to the manager or if a member of the public went in and wanted a job then the staff that where on the shop floor would probably not know what they have to do so they made need to go to a member of staff higher up the organisation. One other examples of having to be referred to another member of staff are if the customer loses their credit card they will have to be transferred to the security. There will also be a lot more situations where customers will have to be referred to some one else which you made not realise has to be done.

Some other situations where some has to be referred to some one else is when a delivery comes in they might need to see a member of staff and some customers might need to change a ticket that they have brought e.g. if it was a train station that they brought it from. Legal requirements Within a business there are a lot of legal requirements that have to be met concerning information suppliers; these have to be met because otherwise the company could be shut down. The company would make sure they made these requirements by the mangers telling there staff to keep working the right way and to the book.

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Unpredictable Situations
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