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George Best Death Media Portrayal Paper

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As you can see the broadsheet Sunday newspaper a large image of different types of flowers laid onto the floor by beloved fans Best’s and a boy putting his own bunch of flowers down expressing his sorrows and love for the famous footballer. The newspaper is attempting to show readers the love fans had for him and that he would be deeply missed. The title itself is connected to the image well. The title for the newspaper is ‘United in grief for the legend’ thus the image shows fans came together and lay flowers on the floor to mark his death.The broadsheet goes straight into depth regarding the death with columns of data speaking about his medical history.

The newspaper also tells us that due to the fact Best being bankrupt and was unable to pay the was given free medical treatment by the private hospital. He endured several operations, went back and forth to the hospital and after all this he passed away. The other paper has no introduction, no information like the broadsheet. It has a large image of him a laying in bed with his ex girlfriend Alex.The images used are totally different, the broadsheet has an image of one of George’s fans putting flowers, however on the tabloid paper there is a woman round the famous footballer and at the top saying ‘Exclusive’ and then you have several mini subheadings at the bottom saying ‘Smuggled In For Final Goodbye’ and so forth this is a hook and entices people to read all about George’s secret life.

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It is like the tabloid is rousing something up.Both papers are connoting different things, for instance, the broadsheet attempts to make readers feel sorry for him by talking about what he went through within the hospitals etc, whereas the tabloid paper does not do this. They have focused more on publicizing his secret life. The layout chosen for the broadsheet is tedious. You have got a large image of hundred flowers, special notes, goodbye messages and a boy putting his own bunch of flowers down. There are small columns of information talking about the treatments he had, when and how he died, the minute silence to mark his death and so on.There are medium size headings, also the camera shot has blurred the back of the picture and zoomed into one of Best’s fans’ and flowers; on top of this you got a label which connotes united in grief for a legend.

The layout is I feel is boring and cramped, closed, squashed and so forth but on the other paper you have open spaces.

This has an effect on the reader, really the broadsheet has the news value but tabloid contains too much gossip. Both sheets has a certain style of layout, language etc. For the tabloid, you have a zoomed image of the footballer and his ex who is holding his neck and the background is blurred in the picture.On the bottom of the paper are mini subheadings revealing other aspects of the footballer’s life as it wishes to encourage people to purchase and read all about his secret life. Both of the layouts and image angle shots are different, this connotes that both papers are aiming at ideal readers, in terms of their age. The title is of a large font enabling people to read it from a certain distance. Both newspapers have its own style of language just like the layout, images and the differences in how the famous footballer is represented.The language used in the tabloid connotes it is informal because you have words like, ‘pals’ ‘secret’ and so on, but on the broadsheet their words like ‘estimate’ ‘expert’ and so forth. This proves both newspapers are aiming at different people, again in terms of their ages. George Best is being presented in two types, one is like good news and the other is filled with gossip. He has been portrayed in two ways good and bad. They both emphasize on the fact that e was a football legend. In the tabloid newspaper there is not much news value, it is full of gossip and his secret life.The paper wishes readers to read about his secret life rather than focusing on the fact that he has gone from this world. The reasons as to why he is being represented in this particular way is due to the target audience. Tabloid newspapers are mostly read by working class people. Also the newspaper aims to inform its readers everything abut his life be it shocking news, like the mini subheading in the front paper ‘Agony over his secret daughter’. The broadsheet gives the facts. It as news values and concentrates on his medial experiences rather than his secret life.It wishes to inform fans what he had to endure with hospitals and how he was still being treated free of charge. It explains about what his fans did for him and how much he will be missed and the image is there to show just how much fans appreciated him. The reason as to why it is different to the tabloid paper is that broadsheets are mostly targeted for middle class people and it does not want to contain information which isn’t entirely accurate. In the tabloid paper you can find all the gossip of his life but when you look it has less news value than the broadsheet.

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