Breakfast Club Essay

Topics: Adolescence

This movie is undoubtedly the spitting image of high school today. It is amazing how the themes and actions back in the 80’s are still well and alive in 2009. I guess teenagers just haven’t changed that much over the past 25 years. People still act the same way and treat people the same way. Kids still get teased and the “preppies” still rule the schools along with the jocks. Nerds are still getting picked on and the “freaks” are still eating lunch by themselves.

It is quite funny how nothing has changed over the past 25 years. Yet, no one is too eager to try and change that.

That is basically what this movie portrays, a group of teenagers that are forced into spending the day together in the school library. What could possibly go wrong? Back in the 80’s, teenagers were very much into things like drinking, drugs, and sex. Nothing has changed since then. There are still the exact same cliques with the same type of people that partake in illegal activities.

This movie, somehow, captures the whole aspect of a teenage life within 2 hours. It is amazing how the director could do that with a certain budget and time limit.

Although it may seem easy to write a movie about teenagers, we are very complex at heart. The Breakfast Club is about a group of 5 teenagers, 1 jock, 1 prep. , 1 nerd, 1 freak, and 1 hooligan that are forced into spending the entire day in the school library because of certain things they decided to do.

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You’d think this would get out of hand within minutes. But, after a few fights and arguments, they just might surprise you near the end of the movie. Now, every teenager’s worst nightmare is a horrible principal that won’t get off your tail. Well this principal is everyone’s worst nightmare.

The Breakfast Club Summary And Analysis

He’s a bully at heart and a determined one at that. He has his mind set on getting everyone to like him. Even if that means knocking a few heads together. It’s the weekend, and five students have weekend detention. There’s a jock, a princess, a freak, a nerd, and a hooligan. Not much in common, except for having to give up their day, sit in the school library, and write an essay for the principal. Being from such widely different backgrounds and having such completely different personalities, it’s obvious that some frictions and shenanigans will develop, especially when the principal leaves the room.

The students pass the hours in a variety of ways: they dance, harass each other, tell stories, fight, smoke marijuana, and talk about many different things. They even open up to each other at certain points in the movie with some of their inner secrets (for example, Allison is a compulsive liar and Brian and Claire are ashamed of their virginity). They also discover that they all have wrecked relationships with their parents. However, besides these developing friendships, the students are afraid that once detention is over they will go back to living their normal lives and forget about the day the spent together.

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