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18th Century British Literature Quiz Review

How does the narrator know that Londoners are in a state of despair?
The speaker hears crying from windows.

How do people act toward the end of the plague?
Their hearts are hardened.

Which conclusion can you draw based on people’s first reaction to the size of the pit at Aldgate?
People underestimated the tragedy to come.

Why is the sexton at the Aldgate pit?
It is his duty to be there.

Why does the narrator want to visit the pit?
Bodies are being thrown in

Who is the man the narrator observes at the pit?
A grieving person

What shows that the number of dead overwhelms the church officials?
They have to transfer bodies by cart and have to keep making the pit larger and deeper.

What is the state of the Londoners at the time of the plague?
Everyone feels in danger and is concerned.

During the plague, why is the narrator able to walk freely about with little notice from others?
People pay little attention to anyone besides their families.

Why is the narrator dissatisfied on his first visit to the pit?
He has not seen any bodies yet.

Why does the narrator express sorrow in his report of the events during the plague?
Those who failed to witness what happened could never truly imagine it.

Why are bodies dumped from the back of the dead carts?
fear of catching the infection

Why is the story of the man who jumps into the Thames distinguished from other accounts of victims of the plague?
the actions cure him of the plague

In “A Modest Proposal,” what does the author say is the occupation of most Irish mothers?

How does the author try to persuade the rich to accept his ideas in “A Modest Proposal”?
describing the recipes the tavern- keepers will create

In “A Modest Proposal,” what does the author claim is the motive for his plan?
the good of the country

In “A Modest Proposal,” how does Swift use irony to satirize anti-Catholic feelings?
He proposes purchasing live children and dress them hot from the knife.

How does Swift support his proposition that the Irish will benefit from his plan?
Explaining that breeders will no longer have to pay rent

How will Swift’s plan help landlords?
they will not have to leave Ireland

Why does Swift refuse to listen to other rational ideas?
he has hope that his plan will solve the problem

In “Vindication of the Rights of Woman,” what is the author’s greatest concern for women?
their education

According to the author in “Vindication of the Rights of Woman,” what is the result of women striving only to be alluring objects?
Women are weak and unfit for motherhood.

What is Wollstonecraft’s counterargument to the idea that women should be educated to please men?
When men stop paying attention, then women will be left to discontent and bitterness.

Because Wollstonecraft used to run a school what specific knowledge does she possess?
a wide variety of girl’s educational books

According to Wollstonecraft, how should a woman fulfill her responsibility to herself?
by cultivating her own understanding

According to Wollstonecraft, why have books for women’s improvement been written?
To encourage women to be frivolous

Why does Wollstonecraft tell women to be their husband’s friend?
She claimed fondness will fade.

According to Wollstonecraft, to what should women submit?
Reason and self-respect above all else

What were the two types of satire in the 18th century?
Horatian and Juvenalian

What are the characteristics of Horatian satire?
playful and mocks foolishness

What are the characteristics of Juvenalian satire?
bitter, attacks corruption, scornful

What were three important elements of 18th century writing within British literature?
nonfiction, satire, and women’s writing

In 18th century British literature, what movement was ushered in by philosophical thinkers and writers?
the Enlightenment

What was the favored literary form during the 18th century?

What caused the literacy rate in England to soar during the 18th century?
spread of education

During the 18th century in England, which classes of people had the greatest literacy increase?
lower and middle


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