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Dual Coding Theory Paper

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The mind can perform different kind of processes ranging from verbal up to non-verbal processing and other different processes. Performing different processes has made different studies on how our mind really works. However, since the mind is too complex to be the focus of a study, many researchers resorted to studying the processes that the human mind can perform. Theoretical Background Dual Coding Theory Dual Coding Theory (DCT) focuses on the verbal and the non-verbal processes of the human mind.

DCT attempts to discuss how equal weights are given to both verbal and non-verbal mind processes. The human mind is able to deal with several processes while simultaneously dealing with another process. An instance is that when mind is dealing with language processing, it can also simultaneously deal with processing non-verbal objects and events. Dual Coding Theory gives light on how this process occur simultaneously (Paivio, 2008). Dual coding assumes that two cognitive subsystems exist.

The two subsystems represent a specialized processing of non-verbal images and events and the other represents a specialized processing of language. The Dual Coding Theory is illustrated below. Coding Theory. The figure also shows the three important processes involved in Dual Coding Theory. From the figure, one can see the terms logogens and imagens. Paivio introduced logogens and imagens as two different types of representational units. Logogens is a representational unit for verbal entities.

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While, imagens is a representational unit for mental images (Paivio, 2008). Dual Coding Theory involves three types of processes that occur in order. First is representational. In this process, the direct verbal and non-verbal representations were activated. Second is referential. Verbal system activation by non-verbal system and vice versa occurs in this process. Last process is associative processing. This process involves activation of representations by the same verbal and non-verbal systems (Paivio, 2008).

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