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17th century english test

james stewart, elizabeth I
king of scotland and england until 1625, brought on deep religious and political unrest. son of mary queen of scots who was the archenemy of ….

purify, America
we can perceive the emerging religious unrest when we recall that during Jame’s reign the first group of English Puritans, strict Protestants who wished to .. the church of england, came to … because they did not feel free to practice their dissenting beliefs in england

Hierarchical universe
early scientific investigation called into question the very basis ofthe divinely ordered. new discoveries in schientific thought.

heliocentric universe
belief that the sun was the center of the universe

charles I, puritan, anglican, parliament
causes of civil war: … ascended the throne in 1625, … movement developed into an enemy of the …. establishment, ruled without a ….

king’s supporters; carefree, long haired recless young men from families of country gentry

puritan parliamentry forces; hair cropped, parliamentary forces

charles I
ascended the throne in 1625 after James I. he caused the civil war because he brought religious unrest. was only monarch beheaded

oliver cromwell
commander of the parliamentary forces, disciplined new model army

new model army was also known as the …

new model army
fought fiercely because it saw itself as the agent of god’s vengeance and punishment

a military dictartorship, and it was not to endure for very long lead by oliver cromwell.

Charles II
this monarch brought on the restoration of the monarchy period in england. returned england to the form of govt. it had before the war

metaphysical poets, samule johnson
writers that used difficult, higly intellectualized images often drawn from scholastic philosophy or metaphysics. coined by …. …

elizabethan love, voice, lines, argumentative
metaphysical poetry extends the …. … of intricate verbal artifice and feeling for dramatic … and situation along new stylistic … they have a more … tone

colloquial, irregular, rough
metaphysical poetry has language that is more … its meter is usually …. and ….

disruptions, intellectual, religious, drama
meta poetry seems to confront the … and strains in the … and … life of the 17th century by incorporating these elements directly into the verbal … of the poem

classical, conservative
the 2nd major style or approach in early 17th century poetry was … and ….

Ben Jonson
the great poet and dramatist ofthe early seventeenth century, exerted a tremendous influence overthe literary ideals and practices of his own agae and of succeeding ages.

tribe of ben, masques, neoclassicim
ben jonson’s followers were the … …. …, he produced … for james I, his poetry brought out the idea of …

elaborate and expensive allegorical spectacles combining music, drama, and dance and always culminating in a compliment ot the king

jonson’s poetry marked the serious beginning of the movement in english art, literature and taste

jonson wrote in all forms of poetry except …

tribe of ben
known as cavalier poets because they sounded as if they were writing while falling off a horse, wealthy artistocrats and country gentlemen

light, witty, fineness, precision
the tribe of ben wrote poetry in a .. and … way yet they retained that jonsonian emphasis on .. and … of form

king james bible
translation ofthe bible organized and sponsored by James I and known as the authorized or king james version.

metaphysical poets had a tendency to express themselves in elaborate intellectualized images

an apparent contradiction which turns out on close inspection to yield a valuable perception

love poems, religious, meditative
metaphysical poets wrote both … …. and … or … lyrics

love poem, preacher
the 1st phase of john donne’s life is usually thought of as a witty, rakish, flashy … …. while in the 2nd phase he became a famous and eloquent …

inns of court
john donne studied law at the … … …

16 year old girl
donne was sent to jail for marrying a … … …. …. who’s father was not very happy about it

donne entered the … after jail

divine mediations
these derive from his unrivaled ability to enact through language the urgency and complexity of thought and experience about god and sexuality

carpe diem
robert herrick’s poems had this as the theme for many of them

John Milton
greatest writer fo the 17th cnetury, and one ofthe giants of english literature as a whole

greek, latin, hebrew
milton studied thes 3 languages

masque written by milton for an aristocratic family

pasotral elegy written by milto o memorialize the tragic death of a cambridge friend and classmate

milton was a … all his life

pamphlets, mary powell
milton published … attacking the existing establishment of the church of england, he married .. …

divorce, blind
blank verseafter marrying mary powell, milton published more pamphlets stating that englishmen should have the right to get a …, he went ….

blank verse
unrhymed lines of iambic pentameter, style of combining the grand sonority and power of the classical epic with subtlety and precision

a descriptive name or phrase used to characterize someone or something. ex: catherine the great

epic simile
an extneded simile elaborated in great detail, usually over a number of lines

a reference to a statement, person, place, event, or thing that is known from literature, religion, or mythology. it is the author’s expectation that the reader will be familiar with the …

at the beginning of an epic a call to a muse, god or spirit for inspiration

in medias res
a technique of plunging into the middle of a story and only later using a flash back to tell what has happended previously

good vs. evil
battle of paradise thematically is between … and ….

protagonist in paradise lost

antagonist in paradise lost

flaw, downfall, sympathy
the three descriptions of a tragic hero are: he/she has a …, they go through a …, the reader should feel … for the hero

an elaborate metaphor

whimsical, unusual, object, situation
a metaphor becomes known as a conceit when: the implied comparison is …. or particularly …. the elaborate comparison extends to an … or natual ….

petrarchan, metaphysical
2 major types of conceit

metaphysical conceit
complex metaphor that compares two things that are commonly thought of as completely different, or inappropriate, very deep difficult highly intellecutalized imagery, argumentative, used irregular meter

god, women, reality
metahpysical poets are more concerned with how to represent .. and … than with the essence of …

cavalier poets
poets whose poems were effortless, and aristocratic nonchalance

a long narrative poem on a great and serious subject related in an elevated style and centered on a heroic figure on whose actions depends the fate of a tribe, or nation

importance, culture, traits
the hero is a figure of great national … usually the ideal man of his … he ofthen has superman ….

supernatural, machinery
…. forces interest themselves in the aciton and interven at times. the intervention of the gods is called ….

elevated, ceremonial
the style of epic writing is .. even ….

a short witty pointed statement often in the form of a poem. ex. be not the 1st by whom the new are tried, nor et the last to lay the old aisle

an inscription on a gravestone or a short poem written in memory of someone who has died

a novel written in the form of letters

a statement that reveals a kind of truth, although it seems at first to be self contradictory and untrue

emblic images
a verbal picture or figure with a long tradition of moral or religious meaning attached to it

a valediction forbidding mourning
metaphysical conceit (most famous depiction) 2 pointed legts of a compass to their love

holy sonnet 6
personifies death, diminishes death’s power. Death, Be not proud

holy sonnet 10
sexual imagery for religious purposes/themes

meditation 17
no man is an island. one of the greatest 17th century essays. any man’s death diminished me because i am involved in manking

on my first son
death’s advantage, elemtns of ode and elegy, is praising his son (best piece of poetry)

to the virgins to make much of time
carpe diem (gather ye rosebuds while ye may)

an ode to him
emblematic images. praise of shakespeare

why so pale and wan
get over it, addresses someone in distress over love

the constant lover
long lasting love

ann more
john donne’s muse?


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