The Role of Feminism in Latin America

The following sample essay will focus on the concept of feminism in Latin America. Read the introduction, body and conclusion of the essay, scroll down.

Of all the feminist movement in Latin America, it should be noted that they are of a different nature or ‘brand’. One of the most important discrepancy is that the Latin America feminist still hold dear the importance and dignity of bearing children and caring for the home, rejected free love and hatred of the patriarchy as opposed to their North America counterpart (Lavrin and Miller 1987:107).

In practice, they rarely resort to violence and always urge moderation in time of political insurgency as opposed to violence and repression. Conclusion History has shown that gender discrimination has been an inseparable part of the society in the past. Many factors have contributed to this pertinent practice. Socio-cultural factor has indeed been the strongest one. it is particularly obvious that the political, legal and social system are male-centered.

Women, like in the case of Latin America during the colonial period in the past, believe that that is the way the society works, the communal convention that cannot be questioned, let alone rebuked.

However, the feminist movement in the Latin America especially since the beginning of the twentieth century has served as a lobby force to further increase the role of women in most of the occupational field dominated by men and strengthening their status in the society.

However, their movement still acknowledges the role of women as responsible for bearing the children and caring for the home as opposed to their more radical North American counterpart.

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