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Psychology Paper

Learning and memory

Discussion 1

Learning entails acquiring knowledge and skills whereas memory is the immediate expression after an individual has acquired any knowledge. Learning happens slowly, and people might have trouble, but memory is expressed as soon as information is acquired. This relationship is vital to note when planning on the methods and instructions of how employees will learn in the workplace (Ambrose et al, 2010). Adults have a larger brain capacity than children therefore; they do not need intense learning methods. Some of the learning methods for adults in the workplace are coaching, workshops and practical lessons.

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The practical lessons will involve knowledge on how to learn any aspect effectively. This will mostly apply on learning academic knowledge. Psychologists concluded found out some students fail because of using poor learning methods. The instructor will give them a chance to use them. Later, they will pair up, and each one will test his or her memory on what has been taught. Actions enable students to remember more hence, practical lessons are an efficient way of learning (Zemelman, Daniels & Hyde, 2005).

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