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Psychology Paper

Discussion Post One

A measurement refers to a systematic process and representation of qualitative or quantitative data obtained from a test for deduction and categorization of the object or subject’s characteristics. On the other hand, evaluation refers to the process of judging the results obtained from the measurement according to its purpose in making decisions (Rani, 2004). In an experiment, a test is carried out to gather data on the ability of an individual to perform a certain task after the characteristics have been translated into numerical or verbal form. Both processes have distinct concepts, but they are correlated and the combination produces reliable results.

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Since it is a course with terms, the instructor should introduce the difficult words and interpret them by relating to familiar situations to grasp the students’ concentration and retention. Another aspect that should be included is flexibility in teaching the topics and subtopics. Flexible instructors are able to gauge the students’ pace of learning and come up with a different mechanism to offset monotony. Boyle & Christies (1996) explain that according to the evaluation, teachers can modify their syllabuses by restructuring the course outline to keep the students interested in the course. Changing the class venue to be in the exterior environment can also add excite the students and motivate them contribute their ideas in the course freely. A humanistic assessment procedure should also be added in the course syllabus (Boyle & Christies, 1996). Teachers should include evaluation in the course syllabus since it will enable the administration to rate or grade the schools’ performance and decide on further academic initiatives.

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