Bulworth A Satirical Take on Politics


Bulworth is a political, satirical movie that follows the life of Jay Bulworth a senator. He is seeking re-election to his seat as the senator of California. However, his re-election campaign is not going well, and he relies on businesses and organizations’ donations to run his campaigns. His opinions, therefore, had to be conservative in order to obtain the financial assistance he required from the businesses and organizations. His ideologies began to lose favor with the citizens of his state, and this diminished his popularity.

Jay’s family was also encountering financial problems, and he decides to negotiate a 10 million dollar life insurance policy and plans his own death. If he dies, his family will get the money, and their money woes will be over. This movie highlights all the characteristics of American Politics.

Jay changes his opinions on politics and starts telling the truth and pointing out the wrongdoings of the government. This makes his popularity return, and he discovered he did not want to die but rather, he wanted to make a change in the political landscape.

He tries to call of the arrangement for his assassination, but he is told that he is too late. He hides in a young woman’s house, Nina to avoid being killed. Nina was a love interest of the senator; they meet in one of the campaigns. However, on one day as he leaves to address a campaign, he is shot and he dies from his injuries. This movie tackles the various aspects that constitute American Politics.

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Issues such as financial support from large multinationals in order to support their ventures for instance exist in the United States and other countries, as well.

Culture, conservatism and liberalism, have been highlighted in the movie Bulworth. Jay has to remain conservative and support the ideologies that were present in the 1970s in order to maintain the financial aid he is receiving from the big firms. He could not address the needs of the citizens and this made his popularity dwindle further. This happens in American politics as well, some leaders may support some ideologies, not of their own free will but because that are obliged to. Campaigns are a costly affair and only the politicians with the right backing will be able to carry out and effective campaign. Politicians should fight for the rights of the citizens who elect them, as opposed to those who pay them if liberalism were to be present in America; all he citizens would obtain the lifestyles they deserve.

Socialism and Capitalism is another aspect that dominates American politics. Capitalism refers to the ownership of production methods by private organizations while Socialism refers to the ownership of these methods by the citizens themselves. Politics has always supported capitalism. They support it because the capitalists are the source of their financing. In the case of socialism, not a small minority will have all the money; it will be spread out in the country. Politicians will not benefit from this and therefore, they do not support it. Bulworth has highlighted this issue remarkably through the depiction of the main Character’s need to get financial aid from the capitalists. The movie has reflected on an occurrence that takes place in the American Political landscape. Racism and class has always been a feature of American politics.

Politicians have tried to deny this fact by claiming they are not racist, and including other races in their campaigns, but it is still deeply entrenched. Most politicians originate from a lineage of other politicians before them or are from rich and influential families. In the movie, Jay’s opponent was such and individual, rich and powerful. He was not in need of any financial aid and his financial position enabled him to gain favor with the voters. Race also influences politics because the association with minority groups such as the blacks affects the ratings of the politicians as it did with Jay when he started giving speeches as a rap. His popularity increased with the minority groups but reduced with the whites. The movie has displayed the American political landscape remarkably, as it has brought out the features it encompasses.


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Bulworth A Satirical Take on Politics
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