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Administrative Theory 2 Paper





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Administrative Theory 2

Information processing involves the changing of information into a form easily detectable and interpretable by the recipient. The processing of information is crucial in communication since it determines the speed at which the information reaches the recipients and the comprehension of the information. There are various ways adopted in an attempt to pass information to the intended person effectively. Various people have different ways of understanding information conveyed to them. Therefore, an organization should adopt various a ways of processing information that include auditory for the recipients that prefer audio messages. Visual methods become useful for visual learners preferring written messages and kinesthetic communication for the recipients opting for practical learning. Various transformations have taken place in the society in the last decade requiring organizations to regulate their activities to suit the changes.

A state agency requires transformation in the collection and dissemination of information for efficiency purposes. Texas is undoubtedly a modern city characterized by high level of technology. For any organization to succeed on such an economy, adoption of technology is mandatory. Technology speeds up operations and increases efficiency hence a state agency in Texas must consider maximum utilization of technology. This enhances the transmission of information to the intended persons within the shortest time possible and the acquisition of feedback instantly. Reaching out to the maximum number of recipients spread out across the state becomes easy and instant.

Adoption of various methods of conveying information that address cultural diversity is crucial since the state includes people from all lifestyles and their cultural differences require an appreciation by the state agencies. The agency requires adoption of transparency in its operations to improve its level of integrity and increase the level of trust bestowed upon it. The abolishment of bureaucratic methods of solving issues is necessary. This enhances efficiency in addressing issues and increases the level of communication between departments.

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