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6400 Article

Literature Review of Gaming in Education

An integral part of technology that most school-going children is conversant to is gaming. Formal education only is no longer sufficient for a successful career nowadays characterized by complex technology use. One move towards integrating technology in the basic education system is the use of educational games in schools. Reports indicate that enhanced gaming in learning is spreading fast as these games teach children problem solving, planning, observation and concentration. Analysts observed that these games propel children into learning and at the same time analyze their problem solving and planning skills. In schools, these games are used as motivation for children to engage in the learning process or as a reward for good performance. Games also make learning more fun hence, children fully dedicate themselves in the learning process when games are used.

Analysts have observed that games impart on children the important element of continued practice to be able to achieve success. Games also teach children that failure has consequences. In this regard, games are a source of self-learning experiences for those who play them. Other researchers noted that although participants learn some things through their gaming experiences, it is hard for them to apply these in real life situations. Gaming specialists also noted that developing audio and video games with a complete educational experience was hard to execute but would be a reality soon. In ensuring that gaming in schools had the desired impact on students, teachers are advised to conduct tutorials before and after the gaming sessions. More research needs to be done on gaming in education with emphasis on how to incorporate directly gaming in academically productive learning. The concentration of children while gaming needs to be shifted from entertainment to learning.

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