The following sample essay on Cirque du Soleil’s management of employees? Select and explain three examples from the readings and explain how they illustrate human relations theory from your readings. The management of Cirque de Soleil portrays in every regard the Hawthorne Effect. The attention given to each performer ensured that they would be content in every aspect of their role in the company therefore being extremely productive individuals. The management provides the team with many luxuries such as three on site personal chefs that tend to their dietary needs while performing the rigorous routines.

As well, each of the performers numerous tax returns are taken care of, specialized housing accommodations, and personalized career counseling and training services. All of this attention ensures optimum productivity, and creates a scenario that while on tour, each performer has nothing to worry about but their act.

Motivating its performers to produce quality work required meeting basic and higher level needs, components of the Hierarchy of Human Needs Model.

Starting with the foundation of the model, physiological needs, Cirque De Soleil paid salaries that enabled the performers to have comfortable lifestyles. They also satisfied this need by providing chefs that tended to nutritional needs, and good housing when on the road. Security needs were met by providing numerous benefits such as health insurance, and a 401k plan. Socially, this company made it possible through newsletters such as “The Ball”, which enabled a social network extending internationally.

The mangers also stress that each employee had personal interactions with the performers so they could know them not as a piece of paper but as an individual.

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The immense popularity world renowned reputation of the show gives the performers a strong sense of esteem. Their performances are commended in media all around the world bringing much prestige to this job title. Finally, programs such as Crossroads helped the performers realize their potential beyond the performance aspect of the business implementing self actualization. Lastly, the reason people joined Cirque de Soleil is because they knew that with them they could achieve whatever goals they had set in front of them. This is known as the expectancy theory. The company provides its performers with every accommodation, previously discussed; they need in order to be successful at their craft.

The reward for them is that worldwide recognition, applause from the audience, and a constant improvement on the passion they have chosen to pursue in life. The company stresses self improvement by taking into strong consideration where an employee wishes to be placed. Furthermore, Cirque de Soleil has created an atmosphere in which almost anything is attainable through hard work and dedication. 2) Select three of the following topics. Based on your readings explain one example of each at Cirque du Soleil: {text:list-item} {text:list-item} {text:list-item} {text:list-item} {text:list-item} HR Planning: Performers of Cirque De Soleil, unlike other professions, had a limited career life on stage for as they aged, they were incapable of such tasking acts.

Knowing this, the management implemented their own replacement chart, called Crossroads, which focused on each performer, where they presently were, and where they would like to end up working once they were not eligible to be on stage. They took what interests each performer had and enrolled them in courses that would prepare them for the backstage aspects of the business. This sort of forward thinking boosted the drive and motivation of the performers knowing their part in Cirque De Soleil did not end when they could no longer perform.

Recruiting/Selecting Employees: Cirque De Soleil did a great job in both the internal and external aspects of recruitment. Internally, the managers created a very close relationship with its employees, taking into consideration their individual ideas for future goals and where they thought they could be most effective. This can be exemplified through Jennifer Dunne, who presented her ideas and aspirations to the mangers and proved herself worthy. Externally, they had talent scouts which travelled the world searching for new talent.

They also recruited 1,800 temps per year to assist at the performance venues and interact face to face with the audience. Popularity of Cirque de Soleil grew significantly attracting up to 50,000 resumes per year. To accommodate this massive number of applicants, they created a standardized web based tool which enabled people to apply online. The entire recruitment process became electronically based making the selection process more efficient. Dealing with Conflict: Cirque de Soleil has become an international icon and has expanded its offices around the world.

To prevent any conflict, they decentralized their workforce management. By doing this, they are able to accommodate the cultural differences and laws dealing with employees. The Montreal office could not deal with all of these diverse issues on its own. While on tour, a full time HR professional accompanies the performers to aid in any issues such as insurance coverage, immigration, and anything else pertaining to the well being of the tour. Taking these measures surely makes the touring process smooth and avoids many conflicts.

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