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Environment and the people living in it Paper

All the four things that you have read lead to dirt and disease because in one-way or another they lead to either dirt or disease or even both except for a few exceptions. Housing would cause both because if any part of the house were to be damaged in any way it would cause dirt, plus there would be a lot of dirt in one house with five families living in it and disease would be everywhere because there weren’t any sewage pipes in any of the houses and there weren’t any drains anywhere.

Waste would cause dirt and disease as well because it is the main factor when saying dirt or disease, there aren’t any dumps where they can put them and no drains or sewage pipes so that is a huge cause of the towns and cities being unhealthy probably the main thing but everything else that you read in this essay would need to be there as well or it be as unhealthy as it was plus the rats that are attracted by the waste spread diseases and cause the diseases too.

Water only caused diseases because of it being contaminated because of the dirt so the dirt caused the disease in a way. This takes us back to health issues, health issues were things that were caused by dirt but which caused disease, there were all sorts of reasons for example the pollution, the population, the factories, the space, water, no drains and the reason that there weren’t any sewage or water pipes leading to or coming from houses.

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There weren’t many doctors who could cure diseases and they didn’t have the information or the technology that we have present today so if they did catch a disease they wouldn’t have a chance. Dirt was everywhere at that time, not even one spot of a town or city was clean because of all the waste that everyone produced, if there was nowhere to put it then it would build up obviously, and that’s what happen, this had to lead to health issues that would have to be dealt with or that would destroy the environment and the people living in it.

The health issues were serious and there wasn’t much the government done about it so the people living there didn’t bother either. The unhealthy environment was deadly for everyone but especially small children and old people, the reason being because the disease can spread around the town by mixing with the smoke that comes out of the factories or with the rats that are attracted by the rubbish, causing both young and old to die either because of water contamination or another disease due to the dirt and pollution of the surrounding environment.

Dirt was everywhere causing pollution it came from nearly everywhere, factories, houses, shops, building and especially the waste left around to pile up in the streets. Diseases were also due to the amount of people in a house, there wasn’t enough space so it was kind of hard because if one person caught the disease then there would be a high chance that eventually they all would catch the disease. To conclude this essay, by looking at the evidence given above I can honestly say that the question asked can be answered quite easily because all the answers are in the information given.

The towns and cities in the nineteenth century were really unhealthy due to the pollution and disease spread across the town or city. The towns and cities were crowded because of the industrial factories that had jobs available causing lots of pollution from the factories and the people. There was a lack of sewage pipes and drains, there were a lot of diseases around, there was the obvious fact of the government holding back money for things that needed to be done like put in sewage pipes and water pipes to houses.

Plus the housing was useless because back then at that time there was no law about the standard of the housing so the builders could build it carelessly and quickly and get their money because no one would be expecting the place like they do now a day. Mainly it comes back to money all the time but that wasn’t the only reason because people that lived there had to set limits as well instead of leaving the waste in the streets they could have left it in a dump of some sort or somewhere where it wouldn’t cause trouble at any point in their lives.

Basically everyone and everything had their or it’s own part in the unhealthy towns and cities one way or another, so each and every one of the reasons either housing, health, water, waste, dirt or disease helped and together they were the main reasons for the unhealthy towns and cities. Meshaal Ihtasham 9L Use quotes and back up the information you have given to get a level 8 or you can stay with the level you have been given which is a level 7 mid – high which is acceptable from a student at your level but you are capable of a level higher if you try.

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