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Getting married Paper

Love is one of the most important ingredients for producing a pleasant marriage; however, only love is not sufficient to season a sweet marriage age. How well the two individuals’ personalities, habits, hobbies, strength, weakness match to each other and how well the individuals could cooperate with each other are equally important. In addition, the education and the family background of each other might also fall into the consideration.

Family background may seem irrelevant when two people are terribly attached to each other, whereas, problems may arise after a while when they realize there are so many differences between them in terms of their values and beliefs. It might be beneficial if two people are from the similar background and both have received similar degree of education because they might have developed similar taste on things and similar value concepts. It might be difficult to ask a person from a rich family to have empathy on the values and appreciation of a person who is from a extremely poor background.

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For instance, a person may think chucking away unfinished food is a waste, whereas the other person thinks keep them is unhygienic. In China, there is a saying: “to marry one person is also to marry to his or her family”. The married couple would have the responsibility to look after each other’s parents; therefore one should always have considered whether and how they can get along well with the family of his/her spouse. Further more, one may not want to marry someone from a very poor family if he/she thinks half of their income would have to go to pay for the other family’s expenses.

Some people view a marriage as a bond of love, and some people take a more materialistic view on marriages. Some people perceive a marriage as a mean to achieve a better off situation in society, they want to make a more comfortable life by marrying a person who is either rich or comes from a wealthy family. * Choices are influenced by and have to match the internal, micro and macro environment, family and friends People’s decision on the selection of the future spouse and timing for marriage could be influenced by the environment.

With regard to the selection of a spouse, one would choose a person based on what he/she fancy. Parents and friends may participate the process by giving their opinions on that person. Some dominant parents may decide and choose a spouse for their son or daughter. In terms of the timing, people try to work out the best time by analyzing their current situation of whether they are mentally mature enough and ready to take all the responsibilities that would be brought forward by a marriage, and whether their incomes are sufficient to pay for a family may cost.

The internal environment is the marrying couple. The micro environment if family and friends where persuasions, pressures and seductions might come from to make the person get married. The macro environment is the society; it is about prevailing lifestyles and attitudes towards how of couple should be like, and the commonly cognitive suitable age for getting married. Strategic alliance Individuals in society are vulnerable, weak and lonely, they need to form a strategic alliance with other individuals to strengthen themselves.

These alliances can be taken in the forms as friendship, organizations, and also as families. A marriage unites two individuals and provides them with comfort and care from each other. Two in loved people want to form a family belongs to themselves to be able to look after each other and become more competent in surviving in the society. Families can also provide shelters to nurture the offspring of the human being. The decisions on having children is also very strategic because it takes twenty year so raise a kid and a great amount of money would have to be spent on the children’s educations.

In the past, there were many political and commercial marriages, and we can still witness such marriages today. Those marriages are initiated from strategic considerations from two interest groups to build up trust and join their resources and competences together to create some synergies and become more powerful, influential and stronger over the competitors. Normal people’s marriage are not that influential in society and large in scale compared with the people in power, however, the aim is also to create some synergies, to better off then being as individuals.

The couple would take care of each other; share the expenditure of living and also the housework. Two people live together can achieve economics of scale and do things more efficiently than people live on their own. Money can be saved on renting and mortgage, and time can be saved on cooking and cleaning. The deploying of resources, competences and skills can be more rational and effective through division of labour. They can divide and assign the tasks to the one who is more suitable to do it. The suitability is depends on the person’s competence and availability.

For instance, if the husband has to work for longer hours for more income, the wife could do more housework for support, vise versa. And if they are both available, one can do the cooking while the other is doing the laundry. Two people may be able to make wiser decisions through discussions on purchasing durables such as furniture and electronic equipments. A saving plan can also be drafted to prevent discretionary spending on things not that essential therefore to be able to achieve higher efficiency on the usage of income.

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