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Christ Centered Therapy Paper

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There are four essentials for the crisis intervention to be effective. Firstly, it is important that the person must be screened for behavioral, emotional and psychological problems. Secondly, the minister should make sure that documentation on any history and events that led to the crisis or what might be a potential crisis. Thirdly, ensure that the minister learns about the causes, consequences, resources and appropriate responses to a crisis or the potential crisis the person may be facing (Rowan, 1997).

Fourthly, the crisis intervention plan must be individualized, set for the person’s needs and if possible; consulting another qualified medical or Christian mental health professional is perhaps, a necessity (Wulff, p. 48). ~How does a church look at ministering people on a continued basis? Within the church, I believe that the following fundamental areas must be present for a full-orbed care ministry especially that when crisis comes, events that trigger crisis or trauma inducing effects on a person do not fall on certain seasons or will they signal their upcoming presence(Anderson et al, 2000, p. 355).

Hence, a church must provide a holistic approach towards such an attainment. It may include what may look like Care ministries provide a ready response when personal stress is overwhelming that adheres to a Christ-centered slant (Anderson, 1995). Setting up a crisis intervention center equipped with treatment plans and procedures for every form or type of physical and mental trauma-related sicknesses or disorders takes not only wide and established knowledge of the health care or spiritual ministry involved.

Christ Centered Treatment

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It basically takes into consideration a clear call from God that such an undertaking is His direction not only for the church in general, but specifically for one who should take the leadership role on a long-term basis. The call and the subsequent preparation and/or training start with the spiritual unction that enables the minister and the Christian counselor/therapist to see the needs and plight of those suffering trauma or crisis-induced anxiety and corresponding illnesses that bother the client.

Then there are the other items to consider such as logistics and other means of support when clients can ill-afford the costs of health care. Constant corporate prayer is an important area that must be in place all year round. Accompanying these detailed needs is the fact that mistakes will/should be anticipated knowing that clients are individual persons with unique personalities and difficulties. However, the rewards are plenteous and the church will be edified and developed when members are given the opportunity to serve and exercise their respective giftings.

It is recommended here however, that the model utilized and presented here should be submitted for further testing and development; criticisms should be considered towards the improvement of a better crisis intervention plan.

Reference: 1. Anderson, Neil T. , Terry E. Zuehlke, Julianne S. Zuehlke. 2000. Christ-Centered Therapy. Zondervan Publishing House. 2. Anderson, Neill. 1995. Helping others find freedom in Christ. Ventura, Calif. : Regal. 3. Bisson, Jonathan, Mark Brayne, Frank M. Ochberg, George Everly Jr. July 2007. Early Psychological intervention following traumatic events. American Journal of Psychiatry 164:1016-1019.

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