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Case Study On Performance Appraisal Of Any Company Paper

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The second option is to follow through with promoting Jose Luis, but to find a position with increased responsibilities and salary for Juan. The implications are as follows: Juan could be promoted into a Senior Salesperson role; a supervisory role or even be considered for a promotion at another site. This may serve to placate him. There are a few reasons that this alternative isn’t the best option. First, positions shouldn’t be created simply to keep employees happy.

Essay Example on Performance Appraisal case study

The organization needs to create and fill positions based on strategic objectives. Second, if the performance appraisal that was carried out was accurate, he shouldn’t be moving up simply because of his tenure with the company. The third option is to rescind the job offer and to carry out a proper selection process including the two incumbents as well as any other internal or external incumbents. The implications are as follows: The company should seek legal advice and be prepared in case Jose Luis wishes to seek legal action.

Although employment contract as generally considered “at will” whereby it can be terminated at any time, the company should still be well prepared. Although it’s not good practice to do this, it’s not entirely unusual when either a company find out new and relevant information about a candidate or when the company strategy changes. In this case, the new information was that there was less information about the candidate than previously thought. A senior level staff such as the Director of HR should speak with Jose Luis as quickly as possible to inform him of the error caused by the HR Manager.

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He should be informed that his performance is well recognized, but that the company has an obligation to everyone involved to ensure the hiring process is done correctly. If he is indeed the best person for the job the company will soon discover this. The job should then either be posted on a suitable employment website to gather candidates or, more preferably due to time pressures, be sent to a recruiter who may have candidates on hand. In this case, the interviewing can take place within one week’s time and a decision could be made within two weeks.

The interviews should be well prepared. There should be at minimum two people present including the Director of Sales and a competent HR person (we would like to leave the current HR Manager out. This will be discussed later. ) The interview questions should be valid. In conjunction with the interview, employee track record (not including the performance appraisals which were uncertain) and seniority with the company, a decision should be made in a fair and equitable manner.

Decision should be privately discussed with each internal candidate. He should be disciplined and retrained. Given how pivotal knowledge of hiring and performance management is for an HR professional, the company should evaluate whether or not the incumbent is the right person for the job. Terminating employment may need to be considered. The Director should assess the other responsibilities of the HR Manager.

The best option although it will be a difficult one, is to take the fourth option, to rescind the offer and to conduct a fair and ethical hiring process for the position deciding between the two internal candidates. Although it may not send the best message about the company to rescind an offer, it is clear that the process was not done properly. The decision to hire internally is simply because it seems as though the company will be capable of finding a qualified manager between Juan and Jose Luis. If not, external candidates can be considered, but this doesn’t seem to be a likely scenario.

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