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Proposal Methodologies Paper

Additionally, the project payback must not be beyond 2 years. Approach i. Select a project manager and project team ii. Identify project requirements and list milestones to meet accordingly iii. Incorporate best practices methodologies iv. Incorporate excellent testing procedures v. Use corporate standards in all application development vi. Using a prototyping approach to development vii. Provide training and develop support procedures viii. Creating a highly specific and detailed documentation Proposal Methodologies

The following are the proposed methodological approach to the Information Technology information management system infrastructure development at the Kings Medical Centre. Design The design of the system will involve the application of the common programming languages such as; HTML for website designing, MSQL, PHP and ASP for database designing and programming and the network topologies for instance star, bus, as well as ring topologies which will be compatible with the changing technologies. Prototyping The prototypes of the system will be developed to assess and value the information system being designed.

This will involve careful testing of the developed prototypes will consideration of the medical institution requirements and the managed changes (Ramrattan, 1998). Testing The testing of the developed system models will be considered to ensure that the system and functional requirements are achieved in line with the Kings Medical Centre needs. Training and Implementation The users of the system will trained on how the developed Information Technology web-based information system operates, and on what is required of them for efficient implementation of the system. Best practices for change management

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The change management procedures, policies and standards will be integrated and communicated to various departmental functions of the Kings Medical Centre and will be approved by the Chief Information Officer or Director. The change management written policy will be available to define the responsibilities, procedures and roles related to the change management (Ramrattan, 1998). The procedures and the standards of change management will be communicated to define the required techniques as well as technologies to be applied throughout the medical centre. The changes will include the following; i. Validation changes ii.

Reconciliation changes iii. Detection changes Integrated Change Control The change control process should take into consideration all the requested changes for the system applications, user needs, hardware configurations and their respective upgrading, the network administration in terms of user ease of accessibility, authentication and updates. The entire system components should be in a position to coordinate so as to meet the user needs including any upcoming requirements. In this case, the King Medical staffs should be able to retrieve as well as update the patients’ information in their respective tables within the database.

The implemented network topologies must comply with the changing network technologies for effective sharing of the organizational information across the entire locations within the required time frame and as per the needs of the users. The website to be designed should be dynamic in order to provide the necessary information to both medical staffs and the prospective patients. In addition, the website should be developed in the common web designing languages such as; HTML, PHP, MYSQL and ASP for effective compatibility of the application systems of operating systems groups and their updates both within the organization and across the globe.

This will as well ensure the reliability of the online appointment system in the reduction of patient waiting time and the efficiency of the system in controlling the problem of walk-in patients at King Medical centre. All the requested changes will be stored in the change management system for technical and the medical review of the organization for relevant implementation of that particular change. Requirements document The requirements document will include the system requirements analysis and the Functional requirements which the patients and the medical staffs who will be the users of the system expect from it.

System requirements i. The system should store the required data with validity and accuracy check to avoid data redundancy about the assigned doctors to patients, patients’ personal records and the administered medical service on specific dates ii. Ease of data retrieval and the generation of the medical reports from various departments within the medical centre for review and baseline surveys concerning the progress of the King Medical Centre iii.

The developed medical centre website should allow ease of online appointment between the patients and doctors, permit information updates about the organization and the technological changes across the globe iv. The system should be designed with authentication features to allow specific users who are authorized to access the data stored in the database of the medical centre, this will limit the information security issues such as; hacking and cracking into the system, malicious software which are viruses that will affect the functionality of the system and King Medical Centre at large.

Functional requirements The functional requirements of the system include the following; i. An improved patient appointment with reduced walk-in levels since there will be patients online appointment through the King Medical Centre newly developed website ii. Efficient assignment of doctors to various groups of patients iii. Accurate filing and retrieval of data records about patients such as; patients’ names, date of treatment, the name of the doctor or physician attended to a particular patient, type of ailment, departmental location and the charges.

iv. Timely and accurate information accessibility from the system enabled with a reliable network that will be accessed worldwide by the medical employees and the prospective patients. Milestone Report Kings Medical Centre Project The milestone report presents the stated tasks which are accomplished and the ones still pending with their respective team members to handle them at a given date. The table below indicated the milestone report on the Kings Medical Centre Information Technology infrastructure improvement report;

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