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Top 10 Essay Ideas For Students Paper

What is essay writing for you? Do you jump over the moon when you write it? According to the survey, we can divide all students into two groups: ardent fans of creating the content and haters of this process. Which groups do you belong to? Despite your answer, we invoke you to read this article, as it is the wand that helps make this process interesting and choose fascinating essay ideas. Are you ready to know more? We have prepared for you 10 winning essay ideas that can serve as a tutorial for writing academic and non-academic papers. Do not worry; we don’t have an intention to annoy you with the wordage material. So, deeds not words.

essay ideas

Many students are sure that in order to have a qualitative piece, it is enough to write the introduction, main body, and conclusion. To some extent, they are right. Nevertheless, we have to reveal some mysteries that this process comprises. Below you can find priceless information about the key stages of essay writing. We aim to collect for you tips and essay topics that are suitable for different types of paper. Let’s get this show on the road.

  1. Pick a topic

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Perhaps, you would like to skip this stage, but it is forbidden. This step is crucial as we cannot start the persuasive or argumentative essay without the central point of discussion. You have to pick the topic ideas for an essay that will meet your tastes. Try to choose one that applies to you as it is much more fascinating to investigate the theme that is interesting for you. Do not try to examine the essay ideas that are written to death as it will not attract the target audience. We highly recommend you to choose the debatable and controversial theme that can be interesting for people of different age and social status. Another key thing to know is that your topic depends on the purpose, whether it is to inform or persuade. Here are essay ideas that can be suitable for speech, argumentative paper, persuasive writing, and even debate.

We want to highlight that these topics help you improve knowledge and develop skills.

  • Should boys and girls study separately?
  • How do you think, junk food and fizzy beverages can substitute candies?
  • Should the government tax junk food?
  • What is the main cause of global warming?
  • Is the public speaking important for self-development?
  • Should pupils wear a school uniform?
  • What is the impact of cell phones?
  • Should powerful companies contribute to the development of education?
  • Are singers and actors paid too much?
  • The video games and violence.
  • What is the hidden context of alcohol advertisement?
  • Should we recycle the trash?
  • Religion versus war.
  • Should the weapon be under control or free access?
  1. Despite the branch of science, you have to pick the essay ideas that attract the target audience. Do not try to be omniscient or funny; your task is to create content that will be informative and scientific. From the wide variety of topics choose the winning one that will bring you success.
  2. Write down everything that comes to your head

Take a paper and write each idea that can be considered as reasonable for your piece. Do not be afraid of mistakes as it is just a primary draft of your future creation. Perhaps, such step seems to you messy, but it is an effective way to collect your ideas. After that, you narrow down the assumptions and single out the most effective. Moreover, such freedom makes your essay diverse as you will not force yourself to write. Be sure that inspiration will come to you.

  1. Organize everything

Scholars have developed two brilliant methods that help collect and keep in order your thoughts and ideas. First is Venn Diagram; do not worry if you haven’t used it before. According to this diagram you have to draw two circles. Let’s imagine that your topic is about pros and cons of smoking. At first circle you need to name the possible positive aspects; at second – negative. In the middle where two figures intersect, you have to write “neutral arguments.” As a result, you will have three structured rows with the essential information.

Spider Diagram. In the middle of the paper write your topic and draw branches with supporting ideas for it. You are going to create a type of web that illustrates the outline of the essay. With the help of such scheme, you will not miss the important idea.

  1. Group the thoughts

After a time when you have chosen the ideas, you have to decide whether they fit each part of the writing: introduction, main body, and conclusion. It is a type of forbidden thing to duplicate the same information in two paragraphs.

  1. Work out the vocabulary

Apparently, each academic and non-academic paper relates to some branch of science and essay topic. In order to make it professional and qualitative, you should make the vocabulary with accurate and advanced terms. It helps you express what you want scientifically. We highly recommend you to learn new word formative prefixes, suffixes and roots in order to make the language of the essay diverse.

Do not forget to use the vocabulary properly. You have to feel the content and insert the world that fits the essence. Please, be careful with such experiments and avoid awkward situations.

  1. Elevator technique

Such method is well-spread all over the world. Its main essence is based on the growth of readers’ attention to your paper. It means that each part has to be more interesting than previous one. Remember to insert different questions as it motivates readers to keep reading the paper and find the answer.

  1. Share with reader testimonials of scholars

Here you should show the target audience what other scholars said about this topic. You can quote somebody with the correct citation. We highly recommend you not to cite too much as it is your investigation, so your thoughts should be mixed with the opinion of scientists.

  1. Be a reporter

You can ask the members of your family to answer some questions related to your topic. For instance, you are writing about sport; so you may ask: “What is your favorite kind of sport?”, “How often do you practice it?” Such method helps you collect new information, vocabulary, and ideas. Moreover, the small talk with your interviewees will inspire you for new ideas and challenges. Hope it will be useful.

  1. Read the international masterpieces

Before start the creation you should have the paper that can serve as the example that you can follow. It can be the works of Shakespeare or other prominent writers.


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