Paper About Communication Skills In The Movie, Collateral Beauty

Communication Skills In the movie, Collateral Beauty, there is a scene that is with a group of individuals who come together to share their experiences of losing young children. The facilitator of the group is a woman whose child died at the age of six years of a rare form of cancer. She therefore, decided to form the group in order to help grieving parents accept the pain and move on with healthy lives without depression (dailymotion, 2016). The main communication skills which are used by the group are listening, empathy, and friendliness.

A friendly environment is created whereby every grieving parent is given the chance to share their experiences without being judged or being condemned (Frankel, 2016). On the other hand, empathy is a crucial element of the communication process. As the chief goal of the group is to help grieving parents deal with their pain, other members in the group try to put themselves in the shoes of the friends in order to acknowledge the pain that they felt.

The third communication skill that is used in the group is listening and it is the most potent communication skill with reference to this group. Even though the group provides the platform to share one’s experiences, what it offers easily is the chance to listen to other peoples experience and for one to realize that they are not alone in the grief (Frankel, 2016).

The founder of the group, in this case, acts as the case manage facilitating the discussions which are held.

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As I was watching the movie I was deeply touched by the experiences that the main movie characters were undergoing. They were dealing with pain which only they and others who had undergone similar experiences could understand. I also realized that different people have different degrees of empathy, a factor which affects the kinds of interaction and communication that they have. As a result of watching the movie, the fundamental lesson which I learnt is that similarity of experiences greatly influences the nature and quality of communication. For efficient communication to take place, the message conveyed and how the message is interpreted should not have variations. Words are only used to convey messages but they cannot be regarded as being the message themselves.

Sometimes there is usually a difference between the message that is hoped to be conveyed and how the message is interpreted. However, the experiences which we have experienced helps us to align the intended message and the message that is interpreted from the means of communication that are used. I also got to understand how the various communication skills are important as well as the importance of communication to the human society as a determinant of the quality of relationships that human beings have.

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