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PAKISTAN STUDIES Assignment #2 Paper

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Paper type: Assignment , Subject: Environmental Issues



SUBMITTED BY : Noshaba Habib

REG NO. : SP19-BEL-030

SUBMITTED TO: Mam Uzma Yasmeen

DATED: 12/Oct/2019

Question # 1

Discuss the effects of the Karachi’s waste management issue on the Industrial Sector of Pakistan and propose proper waste management solutions for Karachi.


Karachi Population Growth:

Karachi is growing at a rate of around 5% per year, in large part to due rural to urban migration in the area and 45,000 migrant workers who come to Karachi every month from around Pakistan.

Karachi’s population is now growing much faster than projected. Between 1998 and 2011, Karachi’s metropolitan area rose from 9.8 to 21.2 million, an increase of 115%. This is by far the fastest growth of any metro region in the world. This rapid growth is expected to make the city of Karachi the seventh largest in the world by 2030.

Karachi Waste Management:

Today Karachi is facing great challenges due to rapid increase or population and one of the major challenges is the rising amount of generated waste and littering due to high demand for food products and other essentials. Statistics indicate that on the daily basis, about 12,000 tons of solid waste is generated in Karachi alone, of which forty percent can be found on the city streets. An increasingly merged device for robust waste management must be structured and carried out which streamlines the procedures of waste collecting and switch. Natives of Karachi likewise ought to be told on how they can have their impact in lessening the quantity of robust waste via the advancement of propensities, e.g reusing.

Health issues:

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Public waste bins are filling up faster than ever and inevitably many of the bins end up overflowing before collected, causing not only cluttered street and bad odors but also negative health and environmental impacts.

In Gujjar Nala Karachi, some people says that because of the unmanaged waste there are so many mosquito’s and flies in our home that every other day our children get sick and we have to rush to the hospital at night. We are poor people, How long will we be able to afford these hospital bills? Industries dump all their waste in the rivers. And there is lack of awareness among the poor class. The biggest disease over there is Chicken bonea because there are many mosqitos there. Nobody is happy living there. It is like making a mockery of our poverty. The problem has become so severe, that it has taken over public property.

Bacteria, insects and vermin thrive from garbage

Overflowing waste causes air pollution and respiratory diseases

Garbage contaminates surface waters, which effects all ecosystems

Direct handling of overflowing waste exposes for health risks

Inefficient waste control is bad for municipal wellbeing.

Sindh Solid Waste Management Board Asked To Improve Its Working:

Presiding over a meeting at the Sindh secretariat to review progress of the SSWMB and various development projects being run on the basis of public-private partnership, Sindh Chief Secretary Mumtaz Shah asked departments concerned to improve the pace of industrialization in the province.

He also directed for development of parks and gardens to beautify the general environment with specific reference to the betterment of public health. Mr. Shah noted that the scope of SSWMB should be extended in all 29 districts of Sindh and work be initiated to produce 50MW electricity from garbage.

He advised the relevant authorities to gear up monitoring and supervision of door-to-door garbage collection and from the reserved points till its final disposal in landfills.

Solution for Proper Waste Management System in Karachi:

For the proper solution of waste management system in Karachi our government has to play important role by using “Pak China Friendship“ in correct manner as if we buy “Municiple Solid Waste Incineration Garbage Burning Power Plants ,Waste To Energy Power Plant”.

Solid Waste Introduction:

Residual Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) is waste that is household or household like. It comprises household waste collected by local authorities, some commercial and industrial wastes e.g from offices, schools, shops etc. That may be collected by the local authority or a commercial company. Legislation limits (by implication 1) the amount of mixed MSW that can be sent to landfill.


Newer technology entrants delivering residual MSW treatment can be split into three main categories:

Mechanical and Biological Treatment (MBT)

Mechanical Heat Treatment (MHT)

Advanced Thermal Treatment (ATT)-principally gasification and pyrolysis.


Energy recovered from waste can be used in the following ways:

Generation of power (electricity), from 10mw to 60MW.

Generation of Heat,

Generation of heat and power

Incineration provides the best way to eliminate methane gas emissions from waste management processes

Furthermore, energy from waste projects provides a substitute for fossil fuel combustion.


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