OyunchimegJDirector of Marketing Division Tavan Bogd

The following sample essay on OyunchimegJDirector of Marketing Division Tavan Bogd I highly recommend Undrakh Purevlochin as a student for Master in International Business program at National Cheng Kung University. I have known Undrakh since 2014, while she was working as a Senior Public Relations Specialist in Tavan Bogd International LLC of Tavan Bogd Group.

The Tavan Bogd Group is one of the largest business conglomerates in Mongolia with 16 subsidiaries, 3 affiliate companies and 4 business units, employing over 12,000 workers. We are always proud of our dynamic, professional and productive skilled staff, and Undrakh is absolutely one of them.

She has good communication skills and excellent professional ethics; she is polite, honest, positive and innovative. Her input is creative, insightful and I trust her to manage many of our digital marketing tasks. Digital contents and videos that she composed and created go viral and receive a lot of feedback. For example, the video contents that she produced while managing the KFC brand reached the highest view rate, which had 922,780 views, 16,730 likes and 7,539 shares.

She is all about communication and reaching others, whether it’s on or behind the screen, through visual aid, words or creating amazing contents. She has demonstrated excellent skills of observation, and an ability to communicate and suggest changes in effective ways. While Undrakh was assigned as a PR Manager, she came up with many creative ideas, such as creating websites and social media pages for our branch companies. She was chosen as the best manager of the 3rd and 4th season of 2016 in Tavan Bogd International LLC.

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We believe that she comes up with many amazing new ideas and implements projects that bring positive changes, with the help of her excellent networking skills. 5th year anniversary of the KFC chain stores in Mongolia was held during her sixth month in the company and she successfully planned and completed all of the enormous celebrations, concerts, marketing activation and public relations matters splendidly and our customers were fully satisfied. She is good at teamwork, listening to others’ opinion and inspiring them. We deeply appreciated her rich work experience, teamwork, planning and organizing skills, as well as her careful personality of paying attention to every small detail during huge projects. She leads projects, coordinates contractual relations, meets with famous celebrities, manages schedules, works closely with teams until the end of the projects, and reports and summarizes every result, which shows that she has an honest accountability to the work she was assigned from the beginning to the end. Her coworkers frequently seek her advice, and her name is always at the top of the list when choosing team members to spearhead important company initiatives.

She is very hard-working and ambitious person. I believe that Undrakh will be able to contribute to your program in many ways. Not only is she well-versed in the field of marketing management, she also has a contagious enthusiasm that encourages those around her to work harder and achieve solutions for both personal and professional problems. She knows how to work well as part of a team and is able to model appropriate communication skills in almost any given situation.

For these reasons I highly recommend Undrakh as a candidate for your Master degree program. Please feel free to contact me if you need further information.

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OyunchimegJDirector of Marketing Division Tavan Bogd
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