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OverviewWhen did the event happen?The initial outbreak of Paper

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When did the event happen?

The initial outbreak of the ransomware was from May 12, 2017 to the 15th.

Whose data was lost / stolen / leaked? How many people / organizations were affected?

Data is encrypted when this ransomware is run. WannaCry was estimated to affect over 200,000 computers.

Provide any other context necessary to understand the “big picture” of the event.

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This was a worldwide cyberattack that only targets Windows systems due to a flaw in a service in the OS. When the

program is run, it encrypts all the data on your PC. The window that shows up asks the user to pay a certain

amount of money in bitcoin to a bitcoin address. If the user does not pay to the address within a certain amount of

time, then the data on the PC is permanently encrypted. The program itself also tries to propagate from scanning for

IPs throughout the network.

How and How to Prevent

What specific type of attack / mistake led to the data falling into the wrong hands? Reference terms in “How Not to

Get Hacked” where applicable. What types of cybersecurity techniques might be used to help prevent this from

happening again?

This attack was a zero-day vulnerability in the Microsoft Windows Server Message Block Protocol. The program

itself spreads through a management port and it was Microsoft’s fault for not noticing the vulnerability. It was also

the user’s fault for not disconnecting the PC for the network in order from preventing it from spreading. The people

that have paid the fee for decryption are also at fault because it shows to the hackers that you are willing to pay for

you data again when you should have just backed it up in the first place. The program itself probably started

because spread through email, and someone was being clueless and clicked on it. People should always have their

programs up to date in order to prevent exploits and be more responsible when checking emails.


Unit 4 Lesson 8

Name(s)_______Kevin Guan_____ Period _4_ Date _12/12/18___

Data Specifics

What specific data was stolen? Try to avoid vague terms like “financial data” and instead find the specific pieces of

information like “credit card numbers”. Specific answers here will strengthen your explanation in the next section.

The program does not send any personal data from the host to a remote server. The only thing this program “steals”

is your money, because it is demanding bitcoin for the decryption of you data.

Data Privacy / Security / Storage Concern

What specific concerns arise from this data being used in unintended ways or by unintended people? Is there

already evidence of the data being used in these ways? Cite sources if you can find specific news stories.

Bitcoin is an untraceable, decentralized, blockchain-based currency. It can be sent and received over the internet

anonymously, so who knows what someone could use it for. Many illegal services can be bought over the dark web

and be paid for via cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

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