Overview About Sequences And Induction

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This week goes very well equipped with knowledge about sequences and Induction. I kind of find induction a very great topic which I feel very happy when I am writing the assignment and At first when I kind of just get started with reading assignments. I just check the discussion assignment to have an overview that what we had to do this week. At that point it looks very hard and look’s weird. Like what i had to in this.

then I say to myself that i can solve that problem it looks hard because I didn’t study the chapter yet. then i start to read books and because this is a month of Ramadan i am free but the example is so messy that I just sleep while studying 2 times and after that, i search out on the web for examples. the book example about induction and A.M And G.M is more like theory then giving us an understanding of proof.

few examples make easy to learn like sequence but as we move further in examples in book the examples make difficult to understand the topic.

So first two days are tough as i take break for one day and i had 3 days remaining and yet not understand the basic concept of induction And A.M means. so as i demand in other assignments that it is difficult to find specific lecture so this would help a lot if UoPeople make lecture and post this for our help or just kind of give reference to lectures as in other Courses we had.

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The fellow response is very helpful. they had a different points of view and they had different techniques to solve a specific question. so i learn from the fellows assignment and their constructive criticism help me grow more and work better than i done this time. G.M and A.M are challenging for me as i mentioned above the examples in the book kind of make me mad and i just got frustrated while reading them and understanding them. So this was the challenging part for me.

As i mentioned above that induction is very easy topic and logical topic. so the example given in books are same but the assignment is different so this kind of solve this but there should be different problems given inside the book then those are inside. like as we solve in the Discussion assignment. The assignment was helpful because i kind of start to prove the equation wrong in my assignment as i simplify the assignment i got induction false for the theorem proof. so i kind of make base of my assignment on proofing the assignment false and in this i kind of make an argument which lead me to the same answer as my fellow student got. so i get to learn from them they solve the question while not simplify the sigma/submission. so it’s really helpful.

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