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Overcoming my fear Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Fear

My biggest fear from up to the age 11 was dogs, getting attacked by

them. The horrible thought of a dog biting me gave me shivers at the

time and still does now. Whenever I saw a dog I would panic, I hated

them coming near me so I’d always run if they did which obviously made

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it worse. I could never understand how anyone could keep those vicious

animals as pets. I overcame my fear of dogs after my grandma got a


My fear came about when two big vicious lumps of fur came running up

to me and leaped up towards me, with their gigantic claws out

stretched and their mouth wide open ready to sink their fangs into me.

The out of control beasts then cannoned into me one after the other,

hitting me in the stomach, I lost my balance and flew to the ground. I

was terrified. I hated dogs ever since that happened. Most people see

dogs like the one on the durex advert, all cute, cuddly and harmful.

However I don’t I see dogs as dangerous and wild animals that

shouldn’t be kept as pets. I also did not like dogs barking, I found

the noise very scary and very threatening. Whenever a dog barked at me

I would be very wary of what they were going to do. My legs got shaky

every time I saw a dog and I would avoid it as much as possible. I

would worry if they were going to come bouncing up to me like the big

dogs do it was a horrible experience.

I was especially scared of my grandma’s dog. He is a black Labrador,

who was very energetic at the time and could run very fast. Rebel is

now 14 and struggles to run about now. His name suited him very well

when he was younger as he was very naughty and playful. It made me

feel much better then but now I look at it and feel sorry for what the

dog had to go through standing outside in the rain wanting inside all

because of me. I was that scared of him he would get put into the

garden every time I visited her house. He would always look into the

house, looking like he wanted to come in and see me but whenever I

went close to the window he would bark loudly. He would also scrape

the door with is his paw and I would think to myself is he trying to

get in to attack me or be friendly? At the time I was scared of him he

was much bigger than me and he could definitely injure me if he tried

to that was another reason I was scared of him. The worst experience

I ever had with the dog is one day I came to visit and he wasn’t

outside yet, I opened the door and before I knew it there was a black

Labrador sprinting towards me it was petrifying. I luckily jumped out

the way of him just in time but I didn’t want to go in to the house

after that just in case he did it again. I never wanted to meet the

dog after that it was too much for me getting chased by a dog. I was

also glad that he didn’t do anything worse to me.

Another day went I went to visit my grandma, the dog was looking in

at the window smelling it and something came across me that I wanted

him to come in and see me. My grandma went outside and put Rebel, the

dog, on his lead and took him inside. As soon as he saw me he barked

it was so loud and scary I wanted to run away but I stayed. I thought

it was me that wanted him to come in so why as soon as he does just

leave? Instead i went over to him in patted his back, I was too scared

to pat his head just yet in case he bit me. Now when I visit my

grandma I look forward to seeing the dog who is now 13 but he still

acts like a puppy. He barks every time, me, mum and dad go into the

house and runs about the house excited.

My fear was a big part of my life. When I would go out to the park or

a walk in the woods I would be worried sick if I was going to see a

dog or even worse be chased by a dog. When dogs did come I hated it

even the friendly dogs would terrify me. I just hated all dogs. At

first when I did not like dogs and was scared of them I would run away

from them but how I got over my fear was to stay and realise the dog

had no intention of attacking me and what I know now is Rebel is a

really friendly dog.

My fear was an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain

and harm. My fear was stuck in my brain and it will stick with you

until you manage to overcome it. The worse I felt about my fear, the

more I wouldn’t like dogs. If a fear becomes so bad to you it can

damage parts of your brain meaning you will most likely never get over

your fear. If I never overcome my fear, anxiety would have become a

big part of my life. I would spend my life worrying if I was going to

meet a dog anywhere.

About the author

This paper is written by Sebastian He is a student at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA; his major is Business. All the content of this paper is his perspective on Overcoming my fear and should be used only as a possible source of ideas.

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