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Over the years the job market is becoming competitive day by day Essay

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Over the years, the job market is becoming competitive day by day. To survive in the world of immense competition it has become increasingly important to effectively self-market yourself. Self-marketing is all about improving your own image and reputation to advance your career and to take it forward which is also sometimes called ‘personal branding.’ It gives one the opportunity to effectively communicate their values, skills, experiences, and vision to potential employers. With the help of self-marketing, one can separate its job application from the other hundreds of employees who may be competing for the same job. (MarketingSchool, 2018)  

Self-marketing can make me look strong and powerful and can give me full reins as to how I can show myself to the world. It will give me the confidence to grasp the opportunities available in the professional world without hesitating and depending upon others to notice me and my work. Therefore, to effectively self-market I must be able to convince the employer that I am the one for this job and hiring me would be equal to holding on to an asset. 

With the world becoming technologically advanced and the internet being the hub of communication, to incur lower costs and higher efficiency in terms of time when filing a job application, people now use the internet which allows them to build and engage in professional networking. A very popular platform for this is LinkedIn which offers a range of tools and strategies to help you turn it into a significant source of professional promotion (Poretsky, 2018) Setting up a LinkedIn profile will mean that I am making myself available to businesses and other employers who may be interested in hiring my skills, which is exactly what I intended to do. It can provide me with countless opportunities across the globe which will help me make use of my qualifications and skills effectively. 

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To set up an effective LinkedIn profile I will need to upload all the relevant information that an employer would need to look at in order to make my profile seem professional and stand out in comparison to those who provide incomplete or irrelevant information. A LinkedIn profile would be highly effective to self-market myself as it would act like my agent and make me visible to all the decision-makers who are looking for exactly the services I provide. Furthermore, it may be an effective way of creating a first impression. When people search me up on google, it’s likely that they’ll end up on my LinkedIn page and will know everything they’ll need to know if they are interested in hiring my skills. (Arruda, 2014)  

Lastly, I can use LinkedIn as my portfolio which won’t only make my profile seem appealing to the employer but will also make it seem genuine and will convincing. I can upload images and videos into my profile summary, making it a true multi-media portfolio of who I am, what I have to offer, and why my work is valuable. (Arruda, 2014)  

Therefore, LinkedIn is the perfect platform for me to effectively self-market myself as it covers all aspects there are of self-marketing and is free of cost and easy to use. I can easily reach out to the employers worldwide and find the job I believe is best for me and will help me build a career.  

About the author

This sample essay is completed by Harper, a Social Sciences student. She studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. All the content of this paper is just her opinion on Over the years the job market is becoming competitive day by day and should not be seen as the way of presenting the arguments.

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