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Over the course of this class I was able to piece so Paper

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Over the course of this class, I was able to piece so many things that went unnoticed in my own life. Having being introduced to the realm of psychology of childhood and adolescence, I am able to explain several things like behavior and development in my children and even people around me. Psychology has told me how to apply parenting styles in my daily life to shape my children to grow in the right way. I just feel am better equipped for life especially when bringing up my children is prioritized.

I always wondered what was wrong with my first daughter until I went through this class. I got her when I was still very young, 18 years. I needed to be in school and so I only breastfed her for two months. She could cry for long when I was away and we never spend much time together. When she grew, she was never attached to me like a daughter should be attached to the mother. Sometimes she behaved like she was just a little sister and I didn’t understand it. Psychology has however explained all to me. My daughter’s behavior is simply as a result of incomplete breastfeeding. The effects of breastfeeding are so important and play key roles in shaping a child’s growth. As a result of incomplete breastfeeding, my daughter and I never bonded. This explains the unexpected distance she keeps mostly. I am however sure her little sister will be different. Now that I learned the importance of breastfeeding and spending time with a child, I will make sure she breastfeeds well and for the required time to ensure we bond well and that she gets all other benefits of breast milk.

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Parenting styles is a great aspect of PSHY 102. We have learned four parenting styles namely authoritarian, authoritative, uninvolved, and permissive. Both authoritative and involved are low in level as far as children are concerned. Authoritative and permissive however have high warmth levels to children. They are more supportive styles and ensures more closeness between parents and children. Using this information, I can reflect on my own life and how parents brought me up. I can reflect on where they did things right or wrong and why as well as how all this affected my growth. My parents were very strict and they always scrutinized my ideas before they approved any but guided me in everything. This is the authoritative style. As a result, I grew to respect older people very much and became very critical in the decisions I make. I could see students misconduct in school and I was very worried. I couldn’t do such things because they would upset my parents. Now that I know this, I would like to be an authoritative parent. This will make my children obedient and ensure they conform to adult standards.

In my career and life, psychology has told me how to deal with stress. Stress is something we can’t avoid but we can cope up with in our lives if we do things right. Psychology has told me ways of dealing with stress like sleeping, cleaning up and praying. I will be able to avoid work burnout which results from stress through these ways. Stress also won’t affect my health. I can thus say as I end my reflection that studying psychology has been of great help to me.

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This sample is completed by Emma with Health Care as a major. She is a student at Emory University, Atlanta. All the content of this paper is her own research and point of view on Over the course of this class I was able to piece so and can be used only as an alternative perspective.

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