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1303 Composition

Outline 3.1


Good writing supports specific evidence and give precise facts and claims. Giving strong academic words along with organization structure that is logical and effective. The author has to be able to move from one idea to the next giving good analyzation and strategy. Good writing evokes emotion and connects things. Staying on topic with the major claim and topic sentences. Needs to have explicitness about the connection in the text. Furthermore, the writer needs to give specific rather than general claims in the reading.

Using different educational words.

Body Paragraph 1

In “Remembering My Childhood on the Continent of Africa” by David Sedaris, writes about his childhood experiences and compares them to Hugh. He talks about Hugh life compares to his, where he was basically living in the American dream and everything seemed perfect. Where he mentions while living in Ethiopia, Hugh is taken to a field trip in a slaughterhouse and actually see how they slaughter a live pig.

Which is not permitted in the U.S nor in other countries for this violent act. The author compares how drastically was Hugh childhood compared to his childhood.

Body Paragraph 2

In “We’re Not” by Andrea Roman talks about her identity and struggle being in America while also being Hispanic. She mentions the challenges being in America with a very preserve Bolivian family. Where she often battles between these two identities. Most likely causing her to feel trapped due to her mom reminding her that they aren’t American, and they should have a limit.

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She does this to constantly reminder her about her cultural roots and prevent her to get lost in the new American culture. Comparing her life to his friends about how they share and do sleep overs while her mother says no because she claims, “We’re not Americans” (1)

Body paragraph 3

In “Remembering My Childhood on the Continent of Africa” and “We’re Not” both articles talk about their childhood experience. They may not have the same reason they struggle in their childhood but both struggle due to other people and culture. In the first article, the author talks about how he watched how Hugh life was better than his and somehow sounded envious. On the second article, she talks about her struggle living in America without being able to do many things because of her culture roots.

Body Paragraph 4

Often in the first article Sedaris would tells us about Hugh experiences and compared to himself instead of telling us in the next paragraph. Very much of what Andrea did, she often compared what her friends did and what she couldn’t do because of her mom. Both articles jump straight into the comparing their situation. For example, Sedaris would tells us about himself, “When I was seven years old, my family moved to North Carolina” (8) he talked about his life where he used to live and the he says “When he was seven years old, Hugh’s family moved to the Congo” (8).

Body paragraph 5

Both articles show good writing and provides evidence and claims. While both articles have similarities, they have differences. While Sedaris doesn’t have a good memory about his childhood compared to Hugs life showing that African is through to be poverty stricken, there are people living comfortably while others live in poverty. Andrea, even though, her mom gave her a hard time she was grateful. She mentions how she hanged up her family flag along with the American flag demonstrating how she was proud with her identity and culture. That even though she can do what she wants she won’t forget her culture roots. Both have different perspective about their childhood good and bad.Conclusion

Good writing needs to be plan before being written on, need to be organize having a good introduction and topic sentences. Using conventions and communication that are correct. Tone needs to be connected to the author way of explaining things. The way they write it matters to give a clear understanding about the author point of view. Paragraphs needs to be strong and have sufficient evidence to the author main idea.

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