Outing with three ladies from Nancy Mitford Review

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The plan seems to be working. In the country there are far more young ladies from a wealthy family, just waiting to be geschippert of a prince in the harbor of marriage. This rumor believing Noel and Jasper travel, two young men from the London upper class and always short of money, to find there to Chalford in Gloucestershire and hope a good match. Without the small inheritance from Noel’s aunt they can not even afford the train ticket, and Jasper, the art of living, believes that it is through scrounge as usual

What a stroke of luck.

The country inn “Jolly Roger “, the only presentable accommodation in Chalford have just checked in Miss Jones and Miss Smith. Rooms without private bathroom, which is not their standard. The mystery of the unknown beauties will soon revealed black and white in the morning paper: the former is the count’s daughter Lady Marjorie Merrith who had fled before their wedding, scheduled could be carried out with the Duke of Dartford.

The other is Poppy St. Julian, her (married) confidante and soul mates. When Marjorie “running around in white satin and flowers in her hair,” Miss Smith wears white linen and straws in their hair.

But the village itself has plenty to offer. Since Anne-Marie Lace, the extravagant, unapproachable beauty Province. That they no equal estimates that the boorish Dorftrampel they tear into a pretentious, you prepare downright satisfaction, it is nevertheless the star, the, boundless worship the unknown artist who allsommers come together in a colony.

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< "Rise British, wakes up, the British lion!": em> Last but not least , is unmistakable Also unmistakable and the distinctive seventeen Eugenia Malmains on an upturned washtub and swings her speech to the villagers “Was tailored in an ill-fitting gray wool skirt no stockings, old sneakers and a blouse that all appearances of a Union Jack” dressed, no one would recognize as the richest heiress in England. Give

Noel and Jasper this loopy “modern Joan of Arc” her sympathetic ear and are immediately recognized her. Only have to sign, and they’re joined the “Union Jack Movement”. “This will cost nine pence a month, the Union Jack shirt cost five shillings and sixpence a small badge.” With a curse to the pacifists and “Heil Hitler.” – Greeting she jumps onto her horse “Vivian Jackson” and gallops off, in tow a huge bulldog named “reichshund”

In love are Noel and Jackson immediately. But who will make happy who in the end?

Nancy Mitford was born in 1904 in London and died in 1973 at Versailles. Originating from ancient nobility, she made with her five equally eccentric sisters around 1930 Furore: The Mitford sisters were celebrated, hated or despised, together and each separately – as fascists, communists, Hitler-admirers, writers and poultry farmers.

Nancy Mitford books full of biting social criticism were bestsellers. “”

One other publication, the author never agreed during their lifetimes. Only in 2010 appeared new editions in the UK and the US, and 2011, the Graf-Verlag” outing with three ladies “in a translation by Matthias Fienbork and an afterword by Charlotte Mosley released.

As the cover and title promise of the storyline is charming. with a sharp pen, the author prepares the hollow aristocratic society comedic. the satire on the English Nazis acts however, so after 76 years and a devastating world war antiquated, dusty and without sufficient depth Eugenia

appears more as a child than as intellectual Emanze Other works by Nancy Mitford:..

• ”

• “

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