Our Basic Needs for Sustenance, an Income, and Some Material Items

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There are things that every person should have and when these things are not available their lives are affected. No one wants to have a lack of resources, but some people deal with it every day. Not knowing where their next meal will come from, how to make enough money to support their family, or not being able to even get the simple things like shoes. Throughout this essay, I will be giving examples from lack food and water, lack of income, lack of material items, and the effects that a lack of these may have.

These very basic items play a major role in people’s lives, much more than most people know.

Throughout history, people have always tried to survive. May that be gathering enough food for their family, or it may have been trying to make enough money to be able to buy the essentials in life to survive. There are times when because of a lack of resources these people may not have had enough.

Material items, food, and specifically income have always had a sustaining impact on our lives.

Food and water are essential to the body. Therefore, dehydration and lack of food greatly impact your body’s ability to function properly. According to Gary L. Wenk (2010),

“studies have shown that consuming too little tryptophan makes us depressed and angry and has been blamed for multiple wars and acts of cannibalism”. Without the proper amount of food, your body will start to change for the worse, and if you continue to not get the right amount of food you will die.

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You not only need to make sure you are getting enough food but also not lacking in the vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to be able to fully function and fight off diseases.

Another resource that everyone is always thinking about, who about trying, and hoping that they have enough is money. Everyone wants to be wealthy because with that wealth they can buy the things that their family needs and wants. For instance, when I was younger my family hit a rough spot when my dad got laid off from his sales job. We were having a hard time paying bills and getting food for the table. My dad tried starting his own business, doing od,d jobs, and even started driving a truck to get money. I know from experience that money is what gives us the ability to live the way that want to. It gives us not only the ability to but the basics to live, but also all the things that people want in their lives, TVs new cars, or the latest fashion trend. If you are willing to work hard and try everything that you can you will eventually get through the tough times.

Everyone wants something, but some people need things that without, greatly affect their lives. Whether that be clothing, shelter, or medicine. These things are a standard of living that everyone should have the option to have even if they can’t afford it. In Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt (1996), Franks school is having a “boot drive” (p. 208) because winter is coming and the head schoolmaster thinks it is unacceptable for them to not have boots. Without these boots, the children’s feet would probably freeze in winter because some of the children don’t even have any type of boots on their feet. This goes to show that sometimes the simplest material items like boots can change someone’s life.

Overall, a lack of resources will have a rather large impact on someone’s life. Whether that resource is food, money, or even some sort of material item. From personal experience, I know what it is like to be at the bottom of the barrel and hoping that you can make it through until the next paycheck. One of the biggest things that I learned is that if you are willing to work hard and try everything you can eventually you won’t have a lack of resources.


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